Partner Policies

Past Partners of Me and My SoldierMan

If I feel your product would appeal to my readers, I will happily do a review post for you! You must provide the product being reviewed to me. I won't give a review for a product I haven't tested/previewed. Product reviews will be my honest opinion, and providing a product for review does not guarantee a positive review. The review would include a disclaimer informing readers the product was provided for review, my thorough review of your product, at least one photograph of the product being reviewed, and a link to your website. Other promotional information you provide me will be included at my discretion. Reviews will be promoted via Me and My SoldierMan social media links

Giveaways are a great way to get exposure for your business or personal blog! If you have a personal blog and want to gain exposure, hosting a giveaway is a great way to make new friends. If you have an etsy shop or a personal business, I would love to host a giveaway promoting your business. You must provide the giveaway prize and ship the prize to the giveaway winner(s), if applicable. If you want a review of your product included in the giveaway, you must provide me with a sample product in accordance with the Reviews policy above. All giveaways are hosted via Rafflecopter and follow their rules and guidelines. Details regarding entry opportunities will be unique to each giveaway but at minimum will include 1 required entry of a comment on the giveaway post, and optional entries including following Me and My SoldierMan through various social media.

Post Content:
If your company is looking for copy on a specific subject, I would love to help you educate your readership, whether through creating new content, or permitting content previously published here to be reproduced by your business. To discuss my compensation scale, please contact me via email and I will provide more info. Bloggers looking for guest posts should also contact me via email.

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