May 13, 2016

Stitch Fixes 5&6: Redemption

This post contains affiliate links but I didn’t receive any special favors for writing it. The FCC makes me say this because God forbid blogging happen without federal oversight.

In April I was having a slump, so I decided that I’d order a new Stitch Fix to cheer myself up. It had been a few months since I had gotten styled, and I thought, even if I only get one new thing, it’ll be a nice pick me up. As you might remember from last time, Stitch Fix is usually pretty successful for me in this area.

Unfortunately, the April Stitch Fix didn’t quite work out that way.

Stitchfix 6

I asked for a box of only dresses. And my stylist (not the same lady as the times before) sent me only dresses, as per my request. And it just…didn’t work. The sizes were off. A couple of the styles were just not me. One dress was made of heavy knitted material (not good for this humidity). That maxi on the end had potential, but it needed tailoring, and I didn’t have the inclination to pursue that. I packed all the items back up and sent them back disappointed, feeling even more blue than before.

I got on the site and reviewed each piece thoroughly. I wasn’t nasty, just honest. This Fix was a hard pass.

A few days later, I received an email from Genevieve at Stitch Fix. Basically, she said that Stitch Fix apologizes that my Fix was so disappointing, and “if you are willing” she offered to send another Fix to me, and to waive the $20 styling fee, just to give it another try. (NOTE: I don’t think this is their SOP. I’ve never heard of this happening to someone else, so this was probably just a one-off. I don’t want to come off as making any assurances or expectations for anyone else, or even for myself again.)

I wasn’t expecting that! It wasn’t like I was writing off the company entirely – I certainly didn’t say anything to that effect on my review. I didn’t even blog about that Fix or spread any “SO disappointed!” vibes across social media. So why I got the Golden Ticket, I don’t know, but I (of course) agreed and took Genevieve up on her offer.

My new Fix arrived the other day, and it was like a night-and-day difference:

stitchfix 5

A dress that was way better than any of the last ones. A couple of casual tops that I actually will get good use out of. Some jean shorts that are super comfy (and a size 29, I don’t know what that means, but I find it liberating). Even a necklace, and I normally don’t have them send me jewelry, but this was perfect.

I loved all of it and I kept all of it. With the Buy 5 discount+styling fee deduction, it made the entire box $135, for 3 outfits, basically. (I can provide my own flip flops.) And I didn’t have to drag Baby G to the store to try on clothes, someone else did the thinking for me, I just got to play dress up. That, to me, is worth the slight mark-up on their garments (except the shorts, which came with a tag saying they were “exclusive to Stitch Fix.”)

So, overall, another stellar Stitch Fix experience! If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, use my referral link!


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