February 4, 2016

Visiting the North Shore

The swells have been rolling in the last few weeks, so we went to the North Shore to try and see some of the massive 40 footers they were forecasting.


I think the day we were there, they were clsoer to 25 feet. Still impressive. The beaches were still roped off at that point so they could search for the crashed Marines Sad smile I still can’t believe that was only a few weeks ago. FYI, the local community is still out searching for them, even though the “official” searches have been called off. They gave them a traditional memorial service, too, in addition to the one the Marines held.

When you come here, people tend to try to “warn” you about the animosity between the kama’aina and the haoles, but seeing the way the local community has reached out to the Marines and the bereaved families has been really touching.

So, we drove around the North Shore and saw some neat waves and on our way back home stopped in Haleiwa for lunch and, of course, shave ice.



Another Aloha Bucket List item crossed off – the famous Matsumotos. I actually really liked mine, the “tropical” combo of pineapple, mango, and guava (or papaya? I can’t remember) flavor. Of course with condensed milk. Because of course.

We didn’t linger in Haleiwa because Baby G needed to get home. But I got some good scoping out on future photography-focused trips. It’s such a picturesque little town. You’ll have to take my word for it for now. Smile


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