January 18, 2016

On a 4 Day

We've had a nice, easy 4 day weekend around here. Friday I made ice cream and we watched a lot of TV. Saturday we drove up to the North Shore, the first time "for real." We drove through when my parents were here, but this was a deliberate trip. Post and pics to come.

Sunday, everyone overslept. Normally we go to church, but both the dogs AND the child let us sleep until nearly 10. Usually they wake us up at 7:30, 8:00 at the very latest, so we have plenty of time to get up and around without an alarm. This time, we even talked about counting on them to wake us up. Oops. Sunday was a slow day, then, with a late start. We downloaded a new computer game earlier in the weekend, and like a couple of nerds played the day away.

Monday was a home project day. I finished our visitor WC (pics on instagram) and we did a deep mop of the downstairs. And all the laundry.

I love 4 Day weekends. It's definitely a military life perk I try bit to take for granted, especially since we've got another TDY coming up soon. There's always a trade-off.

How was your long weekend, be it 3 or 4 days? (assuming you got one. One of my friends had a college course that was on these 3 days)


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