January 13, 2016

Christmas 2015 and New Year’s

It’s only January, so this isn’t a late post or anything. :p

Being in Hawaii and effectively on our own for Christmas had intimidated me all month. My goal was to keep activities going as much as possible, so that maybe we wouldn’t notice it was just us. It generally worked.

The days leading up to Christmas were filled with lots of shopping, wrapping, and baking (pics to come). Baby G loves helping in the kitchen so it was a fun, messy time for all.

Christmas Eve we went to our church’s Christmas Eve program, with some friends. Baby G was in love with her Christmas Outfit.


And how many kids get to rock the sleeveless-barefoot look on Christmas Eve? After the program, our friends came over for a Christmas Eve nosh.


Sharing mostly because TAMALES! I found tamales at the deli that afternoon, so yeah, that had to happen. (Only a few, because I didn’t want to be a total pig in front of company. I can eat a small baby’s weight of tamales.)

Baby G went to bed as soon as we got home, it was so late. We watched some TV and had a nice visit and went to bed. Normally we open presents on Christmas Eve, but we were both so tired we decided to wait.

It was worth it.



I can’t lie, I was thrilled that her favorite present – at least, that day – was one of ours to her. (In case you can’t tell, it’s a nerf soccer ball.) Since then her “favorite” Christmas present changes daily. I couldn’t even guess now. Oh, and related: I began the “seasonal toy” cycle that afternoon, bagging up all her “old” toys and putting them in the upstairs closet. I already love it.

facebook 2

Christmas Day was otherwise spent watching Baby G play with her toys, eating nosh leftovers, and watching “Making a Murderer.”

When New Year’s came around, we decided to keep it low-key, again. I made SoldierMan stay awake until midnight. And then I was up all night with Baby G. So New Year’s Day was a lazy one. But, I did manage to get a selfie of all of us on 1/1/2016:


Save that one, folks. I don’t know when it’ll happen again. He’s the most camera-shy man I’ve ever known. That includes my brother.

And that’s how we spent our holidays. There really isn’t much more to add. Lots of netflix and snacking and gaining back 5 pounds. (Boo!) But it was fun and sweet, and considering we weren’t in Oklahoma, it was really, really nice.


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