December 4, 2015

I miss my DVR

When we moved off the mainland, one of the things we decided to try was cutting the cable cord and just living with internet and cell phones. No cable, no landline, no DVR.

This was six months ago, and with a few exceptions, it actually hasn’t affected us that much. It turns out, there’s a LOT you can stream out there, with the right subscriptions and devices. We bought a Roku and got memberships to Plex and SlingTV. We already had Netflix and Prime. And between those things, we’re basically able to keep up with most of our favorite shows – which, admittedly, are few. We aren’t big “episode” people, outside of Netflix.

The only thing I really, really miss is the DVR. Like, last night, totally wanted to watch The Wiz. Timezones and whatnot, totally missed it. And even if I had caught it, I probably wouldn’t have been able to really watch it because of the kiddo. I miss the DVR.

Also, TCM. We get TCM with Sling, but only live streaming, and only about 80% of their movies (licensing issues, apparently). Anything I want to watch isn’t on a very convenient time, so I usually miss it. Boy, do I miss it.

Remember when this was normal??? (Only sort of. My parents had shelves and shelves of VHSs and a VCR with a timer recorder, so we pretty much were pioneers in the whole “set it and forget it and watch it later” thing.)

Still, we don’t regret cutting the cord. We’re spending less money, mostly getting to watch what we want, and still have internet. All in all, it’s not too bad. We’re also not paying for 500 channels that we will never use, so it feels less wasteful.

I’m genuinely curious: have any of you gone cable-less?


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