December 7, 2015

Getting Fit: November

getting fit[3]

November, the beginning of the season of gluttony. We had an awesome Thanksgiving with friends and food and football. Oh my gosh, so much football. But it was fun and tasty and lasted all weekend, as it should.

I walked some, not as much as I intended, but still got out there and moved. And moved other ways, too. Baby G keeps me on my toes, AND my feet.

And all in all, I lost ~ 2 more inches and another pound and a bit more.

It doesn’t sound like much on it’s own, but compared to where I started in March, I’m now down a total of 12 pounds and 12 inches. I don’t think it’s realistic to hit 15 before the New Year, but you never know.

And even if I plateaued for the next 4 weeks, I’m pretty proud and I’m owning this slow and steady progress. Here’s to a bright and happy (and active and yummy) Christmas and New Year!


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