November 6, 2015

Getting Fit: October

getting fit[3] I have good news to report for October: weight was maintained, and inches were lost, even with a solid week of birthday celebrations. So, great news.

It brought my total weight lost and total inches lost, primarily since coming to Hawaii, in the double-digits! I’m celebrating that.

I have high hopes for November. Yes, it’s beginning of the season of sanctioned gluttony, but I ain’t bovvered. I’ll keep doing my thing and be happy.

The biggest thing, I think, is just being more active. My intentional activity level has been hit or miss. Baby G is more active, and needs more activity, so just general moving around the house is pretty constant. But my dedicated stroller walking time wasn’t stellar. But, I’ve found a couple of things that have boosted my motivation already, and I’m going to be falling back on them for the rest of the month to keep me going!

First of all, I remembered that if I walked a different route through our neighborhood, I can visit the ocean. No, really:


Yeah, okay, it’s a block away, and it’s blocked off because of construction, but THAT’S THE OCEAN!! Once they finish extending the neighborhood out there, I’ll be able to walk right down to it, practically. (Still fuzzy on those details) But how cool is that? I mean, what’s the point of living in Hawaii if you can’t just walk to the beach, even in a loose sense of the term, amirite?

Knowing I’ll be beginning my walk and my day looking at some white waves and swaying palm trees prods me to put on my walking shoes.

Secondly, using my birthday present – my new Silhouette – I made myself some cute little labels to stick in my planner to track my mileage. I don’t have a goal, per se, but having somewhere cute to log the activity makes it feel more official. And it’ll be nice to see the total at the end of the month, I think. Just to say I’ve done it.

How did your October go?


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