November 12, 2015

Do Kuaui in 4 Days: Driving to the North Shore

Sorry for the delay. Life happened. While in Kauai, we stayed in Poipu, on the south side of the island. While it’s nice and quiet, most of the stuff to see is elsewhere. We took the better part of a day to drive around to the North Shore area of the island. There’s only one road you can take to get to the North Shore, because the Na’poli Coast isn’t develop-able for roads. So, we took the long way, which is the only way.


I didn’t take near as many pictures as I could have, primarily because it was a drizzly day and I’m still paranoid about getting my big camera out in the rain. And I also failed to do anything like put Googlemaps pins down where we did stop, which I wish I would have done, so I could remember exactly where are these scenic stops were. Oh well. Learn from my mistakes.

Me and My SoldierMan: Kauai North Shore

We stopped at the Kiluaea Lighthouse overlook, which is a small parking lot behind a chain link fence. There is also a wildlife preserve and a path to the lighthouse itself, but those are only open Tuesday through Saturday, and as it happened for us, we went on a Monday. It was still a pretty stop, and a welcome opportunity to stretch the legs


Me and My SoldierMan: Kauai North Shore

We drove on up to Hanalei for lunch. Chicken in a Barrel is trying to get on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, in case you know anyone. The fish tacos I had were worth telling you about. So, I recommend the fish tacos. Baby G loved that stop because big, fat hens roamed around her high chair looking for handouts. I wish I would have done some shopping, because Hanalei is a cute little town, but again, it was raining, and we had places to go. 

Me and My SoldierMan: Kauai North Shore

At one point along the drive (this is where I wish I had noted exactly where we were) we stopped to go inside a huge formerly-underwater sea cave. It really was HUGE and very cool. I had some fun playing around with my camera. Baby G was too busy exploring to stay still enough for a clear picture. I think it works, just the same.


Me and My SoldierMan: Kauai North Shore

Across the road from the sea cave was the most photogenic beach I’ve come across on two islands. The sand was light and smooth and the breaks happened at the perfect spot to get close picturesque curls and not get everyone soaked….except for the rain :) Don’t ask me where it is, I can’t tell you. Sigh.


Me and My SoldierMan: Kauai North Shore

The last place we stopped was….this waterfall. I don’t remember where it was or what it was called. My mother-in-law told us it’s a popular spot for photographers, and that nearly every year when they come, the emergency crews are there pulling someone out of the ravine because they fell in trying to get the “perfect shot.” I had to promise to stay on our side of the wall.

We then drove all the way to The End of the Road, as you see on the map above. But by then it was raining so hard I didn’t want to pull out my camera. I’m still unsure whether or not that was the right decision. Also, it was crazy crowded. End of the Road, we later learned, is one of the most popular non-lifeguarded snorkeling spots on the island. Even in the rain.

So, that was our drive along the North Shore of Kauai. It could only have been improved by the weather, or going on a mid-week day, but circumstances beyond our control. It was a beautiful drive and totally worth the trip even as it was.


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