November 17, 2015

Do Kauai in 4 Days: Island Helicopter Tour

Me and My SoldierMan Kauai Helicopter Tour

Absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite thing we did on Kauai was the Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour. It was our last day there – we were actually flying home that evening – and we were able to squeeze it in that afternoon. It. Was. Amazing.

Big pictures for this one, because obvi.

Me and My SoldierMan Kauai Helicopter Tour“Jurassic Falls”, so named because they are the featured waterfall in “Jurassic Park.” They have a Hawaiian name, too, but for the last 20 years, everyone calls them Jurassic Falls. So that’s what they are, now.

I had never been in a helicopter before, so I was really excited for that experience as well as just getting to see the entire island from the sky. And we saw the entire island. We flew with Blue Hawaiian at the recommendation of my in-laws. I think it was the most expensive tour company (which we didn’t realize until after the fact, because it was a gift) but it was an incredible tour.

Me and My SoldierMan Kauai Helicopter TourThe Incredible Na'Poli Coast

We had an awesome pilot/tour guide, who probably wasn’t even at his best because we weren’t a very interactive group. I think we were too captivated by the amazing views. He took us all over the island and shared all kinds of interesting trivia and history.

Me and My SoldierMan Kauai Helicopter Tour

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but this is definitely a contender. We were able to fly inside a dead volcano/crater, and were surrounded on three sides by cliffs that went up into the clouds. I had to make this picture extra large because…wow. Looking at it brings back the thrill. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I want to do a helicopter tour for every island we visit now. Now only is the helicopter super fun to ride in, it’s an incredible way to see the island and get spectacular views you just can get from land or sea. Sounds obvious, but you really can’t appreciate the truth of it until you’ve done it. This was one of those experiences I’ll remember my whole life.


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