November 2, 2015

Cutest Panda Evar {Happy Halloween}

In former days, I’d have some wordy post about the Reformation and the Christian historical significance of October 31st, and how I have a tolerate/hate relationship with Halloween because of its proximity to my birthday, and I even planned on doing that this year. Way back in the day when I still planned blog posts.

Then I got really tired and fairly busy and instead all I could handle was figuring out a costume for Baby G and pictures. So that’s what you get. (But really, isn’t that enough?)

Me and My SoldierMan: Happy Halloween

I make no apologies for my bias. She is the cutest panda bear ever.

Frankly, I had almost zero ideas about her costume. Last year, a friend gave her an adorable Sleeping Beauty onesie, so that was that solved. I had umpteen people *not so subtly* suggest she be Little Red Riding Hood, but that felt a bit too old for her, and also I ran out of time before I could order a decent one from Amazon, and sewing my child’s Halloween costume is beyond my skills.

Me and My SoldierMan: Happy Halloween

So, off to Target we went, a week before Halloween, hoping there would be SOMETHING left. And there were a ton of options, especially involving tutus and wings and tiaras. But in the back of my mind, I remembered a friend of mine dressing her little 2-year-old boy up as a lamb for Halloween. Because, she said, “He has the rest of his life to pick out ‘big boy’ costumes like superheroes and monsters. I only get my little baby boy Halloween for a little while. So he’s a lamb.”

And when I saw the panda, that was my moment. She can be a fairy honey bee princess when she’s 6. Right now, she can be my little panda bear.

Me and My SoldierMan: Happy Halloween

The boys had on their traditional Thing 1 and Thing 2 attire, which they were very excited to see again. That’s not sarcasm, they love scarves and are still wearing them. Jeb just…doesn’t like pictures.

I wore my traditional costume of “Hogwarts alumna” (Ravenclaw t-shirt, direct from Harry Potter World), and SoldierMan wore his traditional costume of “civilian.” Does anyone else’s husband do that? Every year?

Me and My SoldierMan: Happy Halloween

We didn’t actually go trick-or-treating; she didn’t know the difference, and we had a TON of candy here at the house already. Thanks to the bad intel from a neighbor, we weren’t expecting any foot traffic. So we just started eating all the candy we bought ourselves. Turns out, our neighborhood does get a ton of trick or treaters. Like, a TON. But the traditions here, as with everywhere we’ve lived, are unique.

They start after dark, only go to decorated houses, and people typically don’t just wait inside from someone to ring the doorbell. They set up camp outside, with or without costumes, and hand out candy as people pass. It’s very communal and friendly and SoldierMan and I were really sorry we didn’t know ahead of time, because it’s exactly the kind of neighborhood spirit we had been hoping we would land in. Next year, y’all! I have big plans!


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