October 16, 2015

My Latest #StitchFix: The Not-Fall Challenge

This post contains affiliate links. The FCC makes me say that.

Based on the conversations that sprung (sprang?) up after my last Stitch Fix review, I’m going to do this one a little differently. In addition to showing off the beautiful clothes I got, I’m also going to do a brief-we-hope rundown of the mechanics of using Stitch Fix. I’ll talk about the pricing and also the procedures involved in doing a Stitch Fix. But, since a good number of you already know all that – and because it’s just more fun – we’re going to start with the clothes!

The Pieces

When I asked for this fix, I included a very plain-spoken note reminding them that I live in Hawaii now, fall will never appear, and I will not buy anything that doesn’t fit our climate. Even though their house has already transitioned to the season of sweaters and scarves, we won’t, and I can’t use them. So, send me summer. I clicked “Send Me My Fix” with high hopes and….medium expectations.

Tressie, my stylist, totally delivered.

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StitchFix 2

Yes, again, these are cell phone pictures. “But JG, you have a nice big fancy camera you’re always talking about! Why didn’t you take NICE pictures?” Because kuahsf sjrbkebacakajdladhabidua wasted naptime alsjhdashdakjwea exercise in frustration askduhairhnewkjr JUST BE GRATEFUL.” That’s why.

1. 41Hawthorne blouse – lightweight with lace sleeves and a simple cut. It’s more comfortable than I imagined, and even though it has sleeves, they’re lace (not itchy) so still light enough to be comfortable here. Also, a beautiful jewel-toned royal purple, a color I never thought I would wear after high school, but what can I say, they sold me.

2. Brixon Ivy Pencil Skirt – I love the idea of pencil skirts. I don’t always like the execution. This skirt is so, so cute. It’s a bold blue with a scalloped hem, and pockets! And you can’t see, but the scallops are repeated around the opening of the pockets. Oh my gosh, it’s so, so cute! Unfortunately, like all pencil skirts, the waist hits me right at the fullest part of my body. So it fits, but it’s not super comfortable. However, I’ve decided to keep it because A) motivation to continue losing weight, another 5 pounds and this’ll be a dream, and B) it’s just so, so cute! And C) It’s worth it for the whole-box discount (more on that later)

3) Le Lis Scoop Neck Blouse – Stripes much? Horizontal stripes, yet? But, my stripe guru says it’s a win, and I trust her judgment. Also, fun colors. Also, comfy loose fit, which on the one hand has a maternity echo to it, but on the other hand is flowy enough to (again) be comfortable in this crazy humidity. A great every day top, which I need more of.

4. Brixon Ivy Lidie Dress – Oh Em Gee. How can I NOT? That color. That neckline. THE TWIRLY SKIRT! It’s my favorite. Hands-down, my favorite from this box. I love love love it.

5. Gilli Maxi Dress – Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress? Who doesn’t need MORE maxi dresses? Again, stripes guru-approved. It’s super soft and stretchy but it fits like a dream. And while all these other items have interesting eyelet backs (that I didn’t feel the need to get extra pictures of), this little number has a lower back cutout that’s just vavoom enough to feel daring, but not so much that I can’t still wear a regular bra. Too difficult to get a cell phone selfie of, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

All winners, again, and all keepers. For an unofficial Birthday Fix, I couldn’t have asked for better.

If you’d like to see what some fall fashions look like on women whose style profiles (we’ll get to that later) are different from mine, you can check out these other review posts:

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The Prices

The most common question, of course, is how much? It’s a legitimate question but not very cut-and-dry.

First of all, your base cost is going to be the $20 styling fee. You pay $20 for someone to act as your personal shopper, whether you like what they pick out or not. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m paying for a service, and I’ve certainly paid more for books I didn’t like and eventually got rid of, or movies I’ve gone to see and wished I could get my time back. I feel like I have to defend the styling fee because there is always someone who says, “You mean that $20 is just gone? No matter what?” That is how a fee works, yes.

After that, your items come from a price range. This is where it gets foggy. I have selected the “least expensive” category for all my Fixes. My items have ranged from about $40-$75 each, usually covering that entire range every Fix. And usually, the majority of the items are on the lower end, with one or two on the top end.

HOWEVER – should you decide you like every item and want to keep it, you get a 25% discount, for purchasing all 5 items. So that takes some off.

Also, your $20 styling fee is deducted from the final total of any purchase you make. That shaves a little more off.

And then, the referral credits. Any referral credits you build up (more on that in a minute) are also deducted from your Fix.

Here is the price sheet from my most recent box:


As you can see, between the styling fee, the 25% total purchase discount, and my accumulated referral credits, the total purchase price of my box is less than half of the list price.

Also, Stitch Fix honors price comparisons, so if you can find an exact item cheaper somewhere, they will honor the price difference. That’s too close to real shopping for me and I’m too lazy to do that, but I know people who have been successful at it.

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The Process

Joining Stitch Fix is easier than joining facebook. You create an account and then answer a series of questions describing your “personal style.” This is less painful than it sounds. You rate pre-selected ensembles, tell them your favorite colors, what your sizes are, how you like clothes to fit. You can put additional detail in or just stick to their pre-selected options. This is hugely important. Do not half-bake this part! I’ve known several people who didn’t give this much attention, then wound up with Fixes that were so completely out of their taste and size range that they consider the whole thing a scam. But if you take the time to try and let your stylist – who will never meet you or speak to you personally – get to know you as well as she can, through your profile, it pays off, big time. I testify.  I’ve even got a pinterest fashion board that I make available to my stylist for inspiration. It’s practically the only thing I do with pinterest anymore. **Joining and creating a profile is free, with no commitment.

Scheduling your Fix is also basically effortless. All you do is pick a date, pay your $20, and click a button. There’s also a space to include a special note for that specific Fix. I do this every time. As you saw above, it made the difference between a Win and a Fail for this Fix, because my needs were specific to my location, not the calendar. It’s not necessary, but I definitely recommend it. You can request specific types of items, even specific items. You can request other things be avoided. It’s very customer service friendly.

When you get your Fix you have a few (business) days to try on your items, think about them, even price comparison shop if you want. If you decide not to keep some of them, a pre-paid shipping envelope is included that you just drop off at your local USPS. Brush hands done.

Purchasing your Fix is simple: You go to your account and you get to review each item you were sent. Do not skip this part. Tell them why you liked what you’re keeping. DEFINITELY tell them why you didn’t like what you’re sending back. Tell them how it fit (or didn’t) and what details appealed to you. Give as much info as you can, within the character limit, because that information is used for your future stylists to create future Fixes for you. It’s pretty important.

What about those referral credits, aka FREE MONEY? Here’s the thing: I’m all about the referrals, which is obviously a big reason why I do these posts. It’s not a pyramid scheme. You get one $25 credit one time, from each person who when their first Fix is shipped. If they use your referral link to join, then their first Fix is credited to you. And that’s it.


I don’t get credits for each person you refer. I don’t get credits for each Fix you order. I don’t get credits if you create a profile and never order a box. It’s strictly a one-time reward for talking about Stitch Fix. Which I would do anyway, because it’s awesome and I like sharing awesome things with my friends.

So, I think that’s everything. Except to say – why haven’t you tried Stitch Fix yet???? Here’s my referral link ICYMI. Just create a profile and answer the style questions. I think you’ll be impressed enough, from how well you feel like you’ve communicated your preferences, to give it a try for one Fix.

If you have done Stitch Fix and blogged about it, leave me your blog post link! I love seeing other people’s Fixes!


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