October 11, 2015

I am NOT titling this post “Take Me to Church”

We’re back at church. Not at this exact moment, obviously. It would be rude to blog during church. But we’ve “found” our church here and it’s great.

I’ve started and restarted this paragraph 4 times. Basically, I’m forgetting about the weeks of waiting to officially join in a local church and just looking forward now. I’m not going to think about how long it took us to actually make this happen, but focus on how long we still have here to be there. Forget what’s behind, press on toward what’s ahead.

And I’m so excited. It’s quite a case of serendipity. Back when we were still in Orders limbo – wait, back up even further. I attended the same church in Oklahoma for, what, 15 years? SoldierMan was also there for most of that time. We had the same pastor for most of that time. His son grew up and became a pastor too, and left (as they do).

He (son) and his family came to Oahu. We’re twitter friends and his wife and I are facebook friends. So earlier this year while we were waiting to find out where the Army would send us, he sent me a message saying, “Just come to Hawaii!” And I laughed and said, “We’ll try our best,” or something.

Aaaaaaaaand, like, the very next week, we found out we were coming here. I’m still chuckling.

As you know, Ft. Huachuca was not my favorite of our duty stations. But, I would absolutely go back. Because of our church there. Part of my heart is still there, if I’m honest. And because of the way the Army works, if SoldierMan stays in long enough, we will be back :) And because of First Baptist Sierra Vista, I look forward to it.

Our best times in Ft. Bliss directly correlated to our church experience there (as well as my weekly Bible Study group). That’s a convoluted story but anyway. I loved our sweet Sunday School class and still miss them, too. Not only for all the amazing Mexican noms. It was a great group of people with active, passionate hearts.

So, I’m very excited to finally be getting started in making our new church here our home church in Hawaii. I’m thrilled that we have some built-in familiar faces. I’m also so incredibly thankful that God answered my pre-official-orders prayers for a church that loves God, the Bible, and the community to be waiting for us when we got here, and for it to be obvious when we arrived. And it was. The pastor joked today that “whether we wanted to or not, you’re sort of forced to join,” (because of our history) and we laughed, but we really to want to. Having a home church is what makes a duty station feel like a home. And this church is already our home.

It’s a great feeling.


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