October 6, 2015

Getting Fit: September

Side note: ever since high school Spanish, I can’t say “September,”  in my head it’s always “Septiembre.” Because that’s just…better.


Oh, September. I’m so glad that’s over.

getting fit[3]

September. Relatives visiting. SoldierMan TDY. Less sleep, more food, less activity, more liquid calories. It was a month of ad lib.

However. I’m still counting this in the “win” column. Because I maintained. I maintained my weight and measurements in spite of, well, myself. And that’s my ultimate goal. Not necessarily maintaining AT this weight and these measurements forever (although that too wouldn’t be horrible) but to be able to fall off the wagon, so to speak, and still have the general good habits I’ve developed carry me through my less disciplined times.

Also, I put on a dress on Sunday. The last time I wore this dress was right after we arrived in Hawaii. I could barely zip it and it was a gamble as to whether the seams would pop if I set down. I slid it on this week like nothing. Full of win there.

Could I have exercised more? Yes. Did I eat too many sweets? Yes. Did I drink WAY too much while SoldierMan was gone? That’s a given.

Did it destroy my world? No. And that’s the point.

On to better things.

How did your September go?


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