October 15, 2015

Constantly Catching Up

I know it’s a “short week,” but man, this has been the shortest week in a long time for me.

I thought I was ending Monday ahead of the game, but Tuesday began a half hour behind schedule, and I’ve been trying to make up time ever since. Even today, when I finally get the chance to do our stroller walk, for the first time this week, we get rained on.

You ever have one of those weeks? You just can’t seem to get ahead?

I even thought, oh hey, since Baby G is feeling under the weather and wanting all sorts of cuddle time, I can catch up on my blog reading while we watch the 17th episode of Baby Einstein. Except I think the bloglovin app isn’t actually posting my comments. Which kind of makes the whole thing pointless, you know?

I have high hopes for the weekend. We’re having brunch on Saturday with friends and back in church on Sunday. Oh, and the neighborhood is doing a community “movie in the park” with food trucks and stuff. (Shave ice!) So we’re hoping to check that out, too. Which leaves lots of time for spontaneously family fun (I hope).

Hope your week has gone better. What’s the plan for the weekend?


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