October 19, 2015

Baby G’s First Pumpkin Patch

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's First Pumpkin Patch

Yes, there are pumpkin patches in Hawaii. Well, there’s at least one, anyway. And Sunday we made a quick trip over to it.

Side note: in my head, the word is “punkeens,” ever since hearing my neighbor in El Paso say it a few years ago. Just had to share that.

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's First Pumpkin Patch

We should have expected that she would be more fascinated with random sticks on the ground and the sloping ground of the tilled rows of (what I think were) green beans. They had been so trampled it was hard to tell. But once we started calling them “balls” instead of “pumpkins” (punkeens) she thought they were pretty neat.

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's First Pumpkin Patch

The Aloun Farm Pumpkin Festival was pretty impressive, or it would have been if Baby G were a year or two older, and it wasn’t hot as blazes that afternoon. We walked in, took some pictures, and high-tailed our way outta there. We didn’t even stop for shave ice on our way out. We were all dripping with sweat. But we did buy a big jack-o-lantern pumpkin I have to figure out something to do with this week. So that was fun.

There was a petting zoo area, a little carnival area with rides and activities, and advertised were other things you could pick, like sunflowers and corn. We didn’t explore that far. We just wanted to get to the A/C.

We have big plans for next year.


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