September 20, 2015

Some Bedtime Grace

We've had an intense week here, just us girls (and Jeb and Achilles, of course). This is our first TDY since Baby G was born, and I was a little nervous going into it. Overall, of course, it's been business as usual, and even lots of fun. But being on solo for 24 hours is no walk in the park. Especially when you throw teething and growth spurts and new emotional development into the mix. Her, not me.

The other night we were having a particularly difficult bedtime. One of those where we both wind up crying in the rocking chair. And we're rocking and she's flip-flopping and I'm praying to God for SOME kind of relief.

And then suddenly Baby G wraps her little arms around my neck and pulls our cheeks together, and just sits (kneels) there, quietly. And we rock. And after a few minutes like that, she finally goes to sleep.

Was it awkward, holding her in that position in a rocking chair? Absolutely. Was it one of the sweetest moments I'll ever have in my entire life? Most definitely. It was like this little present from God, a precious memory I hope I never forget. Hopefully sharing it here means I won't.



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