September 9, 2015

Getting Fit: August

getting fit[3]

Among other things, August involved a week-long trip home for a multi-day wedding extravaganza. Which meant LOTS of eating. Pretty sure I ate leftover wedding cake as a meal, for several meals.

I’m not complaining, of course. Just confessing :) Maybe boasting, just a little. It was really good cake.

That being said, I took full advantage of being home and on a pseudo-vacation, and unless otherwise necessary, just ate and sat around. And drank lots of Coke, because my family doesn’t drink water.

When I came back, I was PMSing hardcore. So I waited until all that abated before doing my weight and measurement check-in. I don’t consider it cheating. Especially since – drumroll please – the numbers show I’ve lost more weight and more inches, even just since last month. (Yes, that’s “inches” plural.)


The biggest challenge for this month will be not pigging out too much while SoldierMan is TDY. I have never understood those wives who say, “Oh, I just forget to eat when I don’t have to cook for someone else.” HOW DO YOU FORGET TO EAT? HOW CAN A PERSON ACTUALLY HAVE CEREAL 2 MEALS A DAY FOR MORE THAN…A DAY? I have the exact opposite problem. It’s more along the lines of, “Spaghetti for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do!”

Also I have cake mix and Jiffy white fluffy icing mix in the pantry that I may or may not have been saving for this very trip. So we’ll see how that goes. (Who wants cupcakes?)

Maybe it’ll motivate me to take the baby walking more ;)

Things that went well:
- Stuck to good habits during most of the month, like drinking water and walking places instead of driving when possible
- Let loose and relaxed while I was home

Things to work on:
- Walk more
- Drink more water
- Don’t eat ALL THE FOOD
- Don’t eat out ALL THE TIME

How was your August?


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