August 17, 2015

Tales of a Book Hoarder

book hoarder

That picture isn’t an accurate representation. That was mid-unpacking. In reality my collection spills outside those bookcases and onto two others.


Here’s the thing: doing that “capsule closet” purge was easy, really. Clothes to me are meh. A few sentimental things, and once I got over looking at them like they were cotton/poly dollar signs, donating them all to Salvation Army was pretty painless. During that process, I resolutely did NOT look at my bookcases. The hypocrisy struck too hard.

I hoard books. I haven’t bought any in a while, and I’m pretty proud of that. But I do accept them. I usually jump on the chance to take someone else’s discarded books.

All the while, unread books sit on my shelves, collecting dust, some for years. But I can’t throw them out, or give them away, because….I don’t know why.

And that’s wrong. It’s ungrateful and excessive and ridiculous. So, I intentionally set out on a mission, beginning this month, to actually read every book (as yet unread) already in my house. This doubles as an excuse to sit down and read and leave the vacuuming till a little later.

I’m not going to do a series of long book review posts, especially since several of the titles are well-known and widely-read already. But, I will be doing mini-posts/reviews on instagram as I go. To give myself a mini celebration every time I finish one. You can request to follow me here (I know that sounds pretentious, but I don’t like to leave it just lying open because of the whole baby picture theft thing, but you’re cool).

Along with reading, purging is also on the list. I read a blog post once (I have no idea where it came from or I’d link to it) about the tragedy of stagnant book collections and the parable of the rich man who built up his grain silos to hold more and more wealth until he was so rich….he died. And then what good was it? And the post went on to talk about how impressive a home library can look, but if you aren’t contributing to the enrichment of others – or heck, even reading them yourself – what’s the point, really? So I want to start doing some of that, too. Whether it’s giveaways here or donating to the library or what.

Is there a “collection” you are thinking about filtering through?


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