August 3, 2015

Getting Fit: July

getting fit[3]

July was interesting. We spent most of July sitting in folding chairs and eating off paper plates. I wasn’t able to go walking as much as I had intended…well, I was able to, I just didn’t. I spent most days on my feet, unpacking and sweating and helping Baby G transition to a toddler (those are all still happening, btw). I remember, before the PCS, telling people – and myself – that I’d be able to relax “after the 4th of July.”

Bahaha. That was just when things started getting going.

Anyway, overall, there was much less formal exercise, but lots of activity, and conscientious eating. I don’t have any numbers (I still need to find my measuring tape!) but a sign of progress: I bought a pair of shorts right after we got to Oahu, back in May. And they *just* fit, maybe slightly loose at the time. Today, I can pull them away from my body by a couple-few inches. So, that’s pretty awesome.

Also I’m eating better, and I credit that to Baby G needing more people food in her diet. If I have to make her nice healthy snacks, then *I* eat nice healthy snacks. So it’s actually rubbing off on me, not vice-versa, thankfully.

New goals for this month are to be better about walking (today is not a good example) and to focus on tightening up dat core. I’ve got some pretty sweet guns, thanks to Baby G needing to be held so much in the day. Even my legs looks better, thanks to carrying her and other various things up the stairs multiple times a day. So I just need to work on pulling that midsection in. Yoga should help with that, I think.

Things that went well:
- Generally active, or at least vertical
- Drinking water well
- Eating more freshness
- Even sleeping a little better thanks to our new awesome bed and a break in the teething

Things to work on in August:
- Stay on track, with the wedding as motivation
- More yoga/ab work
- Don’t get lazy as the house gets put together

How did you July goals go?


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