July 31, 2015

StitchFix Friday: My First Post-Partum Fix

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I found the personal shopping service StitchFix while SoldierMan was deployed, way back in the day (was that really 2 years ago?) and loved it. I got a couple boxes and was very pleased.

Then I got pregnant, and at the time, StitchFix didn’t offer maternity styling. (They do now, of course. Of course.) So I had been waiting and “saving” my third Fix for after Baby G was born, for “one day” when I had lost the baby weight, cleaned out my closet, had extra money, whatever.

Finally, last week I decided “one day” had come. So I ordered my Fix.

StitchFix Collage

Side note: I placed the order late Tuesday night. I got my Fix on Saturday. In Hawaii. Supah fast.

I requested:
- Dresses. I wanted casual, comfy, easy dresses I could wear every day. I want more dress in my life and living in 85 degree weather year round seems appropriate for it.
- Bright colors and patterns
- Pink if possible, red a close second.
- No accessories, just dresses

The above is what I got.

#1 – A romper. I am not a huge fan of rompers, to be honest. I loved the pattern on this one, though. Pink and teal and it’s also very light and airy. Plus, SoldierMan liked it. So I decided to keep it for At Home days. It’s cut a bit high in the backside to wear in public, for my comfort level.

#2 – The perfect dress, two sizes too large. That’s why I’m sad. It was soft and lightweight and loose fitting and HAD POCKETS!!! It was exactly what I hoped they’d send me. But Holy Tent, Batman.

#3 – A reddish maxi dress. Gorgeous. Love love love.

#4 – A really cute church dress. I LOVE this dress. Even if it is “dry clean only.” It’s also comfortable and light, and the pattern is so fun!

#5 – A tank top. This also works because I hate wearing sleeves here. The humidity makes even regular t-shirts nearly unbearable for me, especially in the afternoon. So cute tank tops are a growing staple in my closet. And this one is awesome. Bright and breezy. Perfect.

I kept all 5 items to get the 25% discount, and sold dress #2 to a friend (for much less than I paid for it, so I’m not making money off this, just FYI. It just helped mitigate the overall expense). And I genuinely love the last 3 items. I’m even getting used to the romper, sort of.

Second side note: I’m trading items out of my current closet to make room for these. The intent is still to keep the overall wardrobe small and manageable, but more adult-y and pretty.

Why I love StitchFix: I hate shopping. Especially clothes shopping. It’s a totally sensory assault for me: too many choices, too much disappointment, I don’t get the thrill of the hunt many other people do. StitchFix takes all the unpleasantness out of the equation by selecting items of higher quality than I’d probably find and try on my own, even some things outside what I’d normally grab, I can try everything on in my own bedroom while Baby G is taking a nap, and if I don’t like stuff, I can just send it back.

It’s too easy. And fun. I just love it.

If you’ve never tried StitchFix, you can use this link to get your first fix! Fill out your profile and style preferences and place your order.

Let me know if you do and how it turns out. I love seeing how they style everyone!


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