July 29, 2015

My Sister is Getting Married!

11796303_1604715416461823_4066691547803480068_nImage stolen from facebook

Next month, I’m flying back to Oklahoma with Baby G for my sister’s wedding. I’m SO excited! She got engaged literally while we were en route to Hawaii, and then we were so busy with the house hunting and PCM appointments and everything PCS that I totally let it slip by the wayside and forgot to blog about it.

I will take this opportunity yet again to mention that I basically introduced them. Back around the time SoldierMan joined the Army, he ^^ was writing at Breitbart (the good Breitbart) as Stage Right. And back when Breitbart was all about “more voices, not fewer,” Stage was super awesome about indulging this Oklahoma girl’s limited but enthusiastic knowledge of live theater, where he had worked for 20 years. We chatted in the comments of this posts and on facebook and I thought he was one of the coolest people.

I told my Sister she needed to read his stuff. And they started talking. Then he started The Stage Right Show on I Heart Radio, and she eventually came on board with him there, and…well, here we are. :)

Of course, there are a lot of chapters in-between then and now. But NOW Sister is living in DC as an editor at Roll Call magazine and Stage is a radio host on WMAL and Editor-at-Large at IJ Review. They’re kind of a power couple.

It’s pretty much the best, seeing how happy and excited Sister and Stage are, how really great they are together, and of course, being about to share their joy, even for only a few days next month.

(This is where I say I wish we saw each other more than once or twice a year. Stupid Army.)

I picked up my bridesmaid’s dress yesterday, my mom bought Baby G’s dress – and we’re upping her walking training in the hopes of enlisting her for Flower Girl duty – and every day a little more progress is being made. Probably the best part of this is the uptick in communication we’ve had related to wedding stuff, since both of us kind of suck at staying in touch on a regular basis. Well, the best part for me, obviously. The best part for her would be getting married :)

Anyway. Yay!!


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