July 16, 2015

“A lot of people want intact hearts…” Planned Parenthood: The Taxpayer-Funded Mengele

11694026_10152957013947927_5338276929704514809_nPlanned Parenthood is a corporation that profits off of exploiting women, children, and babies supported by our tax dollars. They get a free pass to do this because they also give out free stuff. But make no mistake, the “free stuff” isn’t why they exist. They exist to make money, not to help people.

I’ll be honest, after years of reading the news about Planned Parenthood’s rampant criminal exploits, I’m just cynical enough to realize that plenty of people just flat don’t care.

They didn’t care a few years ago when it came out that Planned Parenthood was fudging their finances to bilk the taxpayers even more.

They didn’t care when it was revealed that, across the country, it was standard practice for Planned Parenthood employees to tell girls under the age of 18 to lie about being sexually abused, so that police wouldn’t get involved and Planned Parenthood wouldn’t lose that potential revenue stream.

You try and tell people about it and all they say is, “Well, but they gave me free birth control and stuff. So, you know, whatevs.”

So pardon me if, in my disgust over this latest (but unsurprising) revelation that they deliberately perform partial-birth abortions in such a manner so that the (formed) organs of pre-born infants can be sold off, I have very little confidence that the consciences will be pricked of people who didn’t care about grown teenage girls being knowingly returned to sex abusers.

Because they give free stuff.

Then why say anything at all?
Because it’s not going to be my fault that you didn’t hear about it.

Watch the video and see what accepting that free stuff enables:


“But that video is heavily edited! Must be lies!” <eyeroll> Okay, since the plain sense of the conversation isn’t enough, watch the 3 hour uncut version and see if you can find anything to contradict the substance of the abbreviated version. Spoiler: you can’t.

“But they are just donating tissue samples.” I’m going to assume you’ve never been pregnant. 20 weeks along, when these particular abortions are taking place, is the same time that I got my “anatomy scan” with Baby G – the ultrasound where they check to make sure all the organs are there and the correct size and functioning correctly. Hearts. Livers. Spinal cords. Stomachs. Brains. Which, okay, are all technically “tissue” in the sense that we are all just “tissue.” But they are specific, identifiable, formed organs. From a formed human being. Also, it’s not “donating” if you’re financially compensated. That’s selling.

“But they’re only getting compensated for their costs.” Sure they are. The same way people charging $20 more for shipping on Amazon than other sellers for the same item are just being ‘compensated.’ Because shipping and handling. Not because it’s illegal to accept money for human body parts and we can’t put that down on an expense form, even though one of their “partners” advertises financially compensating organizations for their “donations.”

“But they have consent from the mothers.” They are not getting informed consent. They don’t allow mothers to view their formed children via ultrasound. They don’t inform mothers that the harvesting procedure necessarily involves turning a baby breech to make sure the “best” parts don’t get crushed. And in some cases, Planned Parenthood has admitted to actually paying women to give consent, which is also illegal.

“But still, what’s the difference between this and donating your child’s organs after an accidental death?” The difference is, first of all, the legality of the situation. Remember, it’s not “donating” after they have received compensation, that’s selling, and trafficking in human remains, especially in conjunction with an abortion, is illegal. Secondly, the predatory nature of the situation is disgusting. Here you have women who are vulnerable, and the offer of using their discarded child’s body for science is a false salve for the multitude of emotions they’ll eventually have to deal with. Plus, to reiterate, the lack of informed consent. The carefully crafted words like “tissue,” “specimen,” and “donation” are all sugar-coated terms given to women after intentionally withholding from them ultrasound evidence of the life of their child, and the details of what will be done with their child’s body – like raking in cash.

“But lots of scientific advances come from studying the dead, and aborted babies have been used to develop medicines that are commonly used today.” That’s true. But regardless of what has happened in the past, the choices we make today are the choices we are responsible for. We as a people do not have to continue giving silent consent to these activities just because they already exist. Animal testing has also been around for years and years. The procedures used to save babies born with heart defects were tested on animals back in the day. Yet most people oppose animal testing today. Many actively oppose it and corporations bend over backwards to let you know they don’t participate in it. We should give at least as much emotion to protecting our own young from being exploited in that way.

The “Safe, Legal, Rare” Dodge

This is what’s wrong with the “safe, legal, rare” rationale. Standing on its own, it’s illogical: If something is safe, why must it be rare? If something should be rare, why should it be legal?

Usually the justification is, “People will do it anyway, let’s at least make sure there are avenues where they won’t be harmed.” But that doesn’t pan out anymore. In the 21st Century, where abortion is legal in a variety of forms and for pretty much any reason, women are still harmed. Grievously, grossly harmed. Even when you take the Gosnells out of the equation, we still have a nationwide organization lying to women, enabling the abusing of teenagers, and now we discover actively pursuing the harvesting of human organs for profit. All operating under the cloak of legitimacy and using taxpayer money to do it.

Because whenever someone – anyone – has tried to push back against the rampant abuse that Planned Parenthood perpetrates on our society, the default response is, “safe, legal, rare.”

No more.

That’s not adequate. It’s not even accurate. Watch the video again. They have to deliberately twist the baby around while inside the mother to be able to crush the extremities so they can “save the good stuff” (read: high dollar items).

“Safe, legal, rare” gives cover to these activities. It gives legitimacy to the organizations that practice them. It’s an excuse to look the other way when these activities are brought to light.

“Still, it’s better than….”

But, maybe you’ve gotten to this point (if so, kudos to you) and you still ain’t bovvered. Maybe, like our President, you genuinely don’t have a problem with partial-birth abortion and the barbarities associated with it. Maybe there’s room for it in your worldview. I know that’s a possibility because so. many. people. have been defending Planned Parenthood and the actions we’ve learned about the last couple of days.

And if that’s so, so be it. But I will echo Doug Wilson and say that, this generation of Americans has no harbor for feeling morally superior because we are taking a super-strong stand against a symbol of American slavery, when we have have been passively, or actively, allowing this wretched evil in our culture.

The treatment of a human being as a consumable, marketable commodity in 19th century America is just as repulsive as the treatment of a human being as a consumable, marketable commodity in the 21st century. The only difference is that we have the power to take action against what is happening now, right in front of us.



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