June 22, 2015

InkWELL Press LiveWELL Planner: Six Months Check-In


You may remember that at the beginning of the year I switched from my tried-and-true Erin Condren Life Planner to an InkWELL Press Planner for 2015. When I got the new planner, I did a review/comparison here:

We’re now halfway through the year and both InkWELL and Erin Condren are announcing their new planner changes. Now that I’ve used both (not the new versions) I wanted to give a “used” review of my InkWELL.

Probably my favorite unique thing about the InkWELL is the extra pages at the front and back of each month. The dashboard helps me take a good look at the month, the lined sheet is where I record my daily gratitudes (I should probably do a post just about that), and the “after” pages are good for general note-taking.

I thought I would like the hard cover more than I do. My embossed name still hasn’t rubbed off, contrary to claims online, but the cover itself is starting to bow thanks to the enormous amount of stuff I keep in the pocket/accordion folders. I think I still prefer it to the soft bendy-peely EC cover, though.

And I love the quality of the paper. It just feels nice.

That being said, I miss the Erin Condren personality. Those planners are just more fun. I decorate up my InkWELL because I’ve started using it also for journaling our Hawaii adventures. But….it’s not the same. Not even a little.

EC is famously making changes to their planners for the new year, several that mimic the InkWELL – but not the features I like most. The extra planning pages (dashboards, which I’m sure are copyrighted), the hard cover, the integrated elastic band, the wider coil, the obviously more expensive paper. None of that. Also, interchangeable covers are a gimmick.

But they’re just so much cuter.

I don’t know. I do love my InkWELL. And I’m probably 60/40 IWP/EC when you come right down to it. I just wish they were prettier. :) I said in my review video that I wasn’t “sophisticated” enough to appreciate the InkWELL color schemes. That hasn’t changed.

Have you see the new designs for IWP or EC? What are your thoughts?


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