June 19, 2015

Happy Father’s Day, SoldierMan

fathers day-3

Yeah, I know this is early. Your present (such as it will be in this hotel life) will be, too, if I can get to the store.

I remember how nervous you were before she got here. I wasn’t nervous for you. I knew you’d be a natural. I was right.

I can’t imagine a child more loved and more enjoyed by her father than Baby G. I know she’s not usually in snuggly-cuddly mode with you (right now, the day will come) but no one can make her laugh the way you do, or SQUEEEEAAL with excitement, or light up when you walk into the room. No one, not even me, gets her to that level of delight.

That’s all you.

You have a special tenderness for her that doesn’t come out anywhere else. Watching you two together is my favorite.

You carry her on your shoulders and chase her whenever she wants and feed her too much ice cream. You are the best Daddy she could have.

I love you and I’m so thankful you’re my daughter’s Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day.


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