June 12, 2015

Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

Me and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

One of the first “events” we did here was a luau, because obvi. We wanted to take advantage of the time SoldierMan had before starting his job here, so “What Would a Tourist Do” became the theme.

We got tickets for the Memorial Day show, donned our finest Aloha outfits, and together with some friends enjoyed a nice laid-back luau. Maybe they’re all laid-back, because Aloha, but this was nice.

We chose the Hale Koa because it was less expensive and convenient, and thanks to blogger friends who had written their own reviews, I already was pretty sure we’d enjoy it.

As you arrive to the luau garden, you’re greeted with shell leis (even Baby G, who loved hers until Momma stepped on it and crushed it :( ) and a beverage with or without alcohol. I opted for “without,” since I knew Baby G would want to share anything in my hand.


Me and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

The luau garden was really pretty and there were a TON of people there! Something like 80 10-person tables, all full or nearly full. The reservations person told us to get there at 5:15, and that it “started” at 5:30. Well, the doors opened at 5:30, and there were drinks, photo ops, and other activities, but had we gotten there at 6:00 or a little later, we would have been fine, not stood in line nearly as long, and had less down time to try and get through with the baby. It worked out, though.

Me and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

Of course, we had to watch the “pull the pig out of the pit” ceremony. The pig that was allegedly our dinner. Unless there was a miracle of biblical proportions involved, I highly doubt that sucker fed 500 people, but *shrug*

Me and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

This was dinner. Various cuts of pork, fried rice, fried banana, steamed zucchini, and some other random sides. Dessert was coconut jello. (yeah….no) I’m posting this because every blog post I read about luaus talks about the hula dancers and not the food. I care about the food. And there was a lot of food.

There were, of course, hula dancers and a fire dancer and a really fun floor show. I don’t have pictures of that because by the time that started, it was late and Baby G was needing me to hold her until she passed out. We got there around 5:15 and left around 9:00-9:30 (I don’t remember exactly when). So she was a goner.

Oh, and word of advice: the Hale Koa luau garden is WAY in the back. Especially if you’re a guest parking across the street, bring the stroller. It’s quite a trek if you’re carrying a human.

A week later, Hale Koa had their Crabfest, which I think is a monthly event? So we decided to do that, too.

Me and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and CrabfestMe and My SoldierMan: Hale Koa Luau and Crabfest

I don’t have many pictures because eating crab is messy and requires both hands. But you got a full pound of crab, plus clams, shrimp, and boiled veg. And pineapple cake. Per person. There was live music and it was very casual and fun. Baby G loved it.

We want to experience more luaus, but we want to experience a lot of things, so those will probably get spread out over the years among snorkeling, cage diving, surfing, and island hopping.


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