June 2, 2015

Baby G Does Disney(land)

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land)

“I was thinking, it would be nice if we could go to Disneyland while we were in LA, since we have a half a day free, but it’s too expensive to justify just half a day in one park.”

I said this less than a week before we left Ft. Huachuca. We had to drive all 5 of us, and the Armada pulling a trailer, to LA to fly to Honolulu, since we were shipping our car, and there aren’t any planes big enough to fly our dogs out of San Diego (?!?). It was all I had to say. In 24 hours we completely changed our itinerary so we could spend the weekend in Anaheim and take Baby G on her first-ever Disney trip!

Two days isn’t a lot of time to hit two Disney parks, especially when those days are weekends. But we had our short list of “must dos” and we hit nearly all of them, which was great!

Less great was the incredible lack of pictures documenting these two days. In our defense, we spent most of our time in line or wandering around, not exactly picture-worthy.

BUT – the one thing we FOR SURE wanted pictures of, we got! Baby G’s first character meal!

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) PlutoMe and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) MinnieMe and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) Daisy

I was worried that, like many small children, she’d be freaked out by the giant costumes. Actually, she was only mildly interested in the characters.. She was more excited about all the food. (Can’t blame her for that). UNTIL -

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) StitchMe and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) Stitch

In case you weren’t aware, Stitch is her absolute favorite. Even as I’m sitting here typing this, she’s on my lap smiling full-toothed at this picture. It was exactly the moment we had hoped for. I’m so glad we decided to go ahead and take an infant to a character meal.

And then, of course, there was meeting the big guy himself:

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G Does Disney(land) Mickey

I think it’s safe to say, it was a pretty magical moment.

There were other fun moments, too. She enjoyed Dumbo, the baby teacups were boring but the big swings were too much, Toy Story Mania was the best, and when we went on Ariel’s Grotto, she smiled and waved at Ariel and I cried a little.

We still have a lot of “firsts” we didn’t get to. First Mickey Bar, first time on Small World, first time on a lot of rides, actually. Going on the weekend will do that to you. But that’s okay, it just means we get to do it all over again one day!


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