May 10, 2015

Today is Mother’s Day

I won’t lie, I’m excited. Not because anything special is happening really. My one wish for Mother’s Day is to sleep past 7:00 and not wash a bottle. I don’t think either is very likely, but one can always hope.

Last Mother’s Day I was in the ER, getting a dog bite flushed with saline while “Mildred Pierce” played on TCM (an ironic choice). This Mother’s Day I get to go to church toting Baby G along as an accessory rather than a passenger. We’ll take some selfies and she’ll look adorable and it’ll be the Mother’s Day I’ve been waiting for. I’m very excited.

I also know that Mother’s Day is a day of hard emotions. Some of you reading this have children in Heaven that you never got to meet here on earth, or that you did but only had here for a short while (any time at all is too short). I won’t name names because I don’t want to call anyone out or risk missing anyone in my sleep-deprived memory but you are in my thoughts and prayers frequently, and especially this weekend. And I’d also like to gently suggest these blog posts: How God Met Me in My Deepest Pain and Populating Paradise. Both very empathetic reads by people who can understand and share your experiences better than I can.

Mother’s Day is also hard for those who would love to call or have brunch with their mothers today, but can’t. And today I hold you in my heart, too. I know my mother wishes she could call my grandma one more time. So do I.

And while today is a day of intense mixed emotions, we can all be thankful for the mothers we’ve had the privilege of knowing. And today, I’m thankful for the gift of mom life. With all the ups and downs and ins and outs and everything. I’m in love.


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