May 2, 2015

Oh, the woes of a blogger


Not really, that’s actually a super-dramatic title. But the next month (or a little more) is going to be nutso around here with the PCS. So while I’m trying to front-load posts on my own, I know there will definitely come a time when I’m relying on my phone to access the blog world. Bright side: I should be able to stay fairly caught up on reading! (Or at least moreso than I am now?)

All that to say, I’m currently accepting submissions for the rest of the month through June (or until I run out :)) If you’re a blogger, or a writer, or just someone who has something to say and needs somewhere to put it, I’d love to share your posts on:

  • military life
  • faith
  • food and recipes
  • photography, art, and crafting
  • mommyhood and pet life

If you’d like to contribute (please!) email me using the button on the left, let me know what you’d like to talk about, and I’ll send you specifics!


  1. Pick me! Pick me! Okay, so I clicked the e-mail link, and unfortunately I do not have Microsoft email activated on my computer. :/ If you could tell me what your email address is, I'll shoot you an email with my guest post ideas. :)

  2. :)


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