May 4, 2015

Baby G: 11 Months

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G 11 Months

  • At the time of this writing, we are going on 1.5 hours of “night-night” time – that is, after you BEGGED to go to bed a little earlier than usual, you got in bed and decided it was happy fun play time YAAAAAAYYYY!!!  And that’s not an unusual thing these days. You like to snuggle and cuddle with Mommy so much I’m starting to think you act for bedtime just so you can be rocked even longer.
  • Because the Mommy Stage has hit. If you know I’m nearby, then I must hold you. Unless Lilo and Stitch is on, then you’ll stay nice and still on the rug (mostly). So we’ve been watching a LOT of Lilo and Stitch while Momma tries to get things squared away here for the move.
  • You love to play games, especially “gitchoo.” As in, you start crawling and I come up behind you and say, “I’m gonna gitchoo!” and you SQUEEEEEEEAL and take off as fast as your little arms and legs will carry you! I have no idea how you figured that game out. I just said it one day while you were crawling around not thinking anything would come of it, but you sure knew what I meant!
  • And you are FAST! I have to keep room doors closed now, because you’ll bolt into another room and climb up a dresser before I know what’s happening. You climb everything you can, even the dogs, although we try to keep a tight reign on that now that you’re getting heavier/stronger.
  • You also LOVE reading books! You like having new books read to you (and your night-night book) but if it’s one you’re already familiar with, you prefer to read it yourself. You’ll flip the pages and jabber-jabber the words.
  • Speaking of words, actual words are still slow to come. You can break out some “Daddy,” and “Mama,” and you are trying your darndest to say “Achilles,” the closest you’ve gotten is “Uh-gih-ee.” Otherwise, you’ve figured out ways to communicate. You can shake your head “no” when you mean “no” (usually associated with not wanting to take a nap) and rather than nodding “yes,” you clap your hands for an affirmative. It’s okay. You know how to make your feelings known.
  • Your favorite “foods” are the “spaghetti” style baby food, applesauce, and Daddy’s real fruit smoothies.
  • You saw Momma roll her tongue this morning and must have been practicing because this evening you showed Momma and Daddy that you could do it too, whenever you wanted! So fun!
  • You had your first “real” dinner tonight: chicken noodle soup, without the soupy part. We all got to eat dinner together and you fed yourself and it was wonderful!


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