May 22, 2015

A Day at the Beach

So, we’re in Hawaii now, in case you didn’t know. Of course, the ONLY reason you wouldn’t know that is if you don’t follow me on any other social media, which would be silly. All the links are there on the left so you don’t have to miss anything! We’ve had a full, busy few days recovering from the journey, and we’re still resting up.

But today, we finally made it to a beach!

Me and My SoldierMan: A Day at the Beach

Thanks to blog friends’ recommendations, we decided to check out the dog beach on Hickam. It’s near our hotel, military-only so not so many tourists, and we wanted to scope it out for when we have the dogs again. Yup, they’re still in quarantine. I’ll post about that soon, too.

Me and My SoldierMan: A Day at the Beach

It was gorgeous, very NOT crowded – especially considering it’s a 4-Day – the water was clear and shallow, and there was plenty of shade for these very white to take breaks from the sun!

Me and My SoldierMan: A Day at the Beach

We let Baby G play in the sand a while before we went into the water, and then we let her crawl her own way in. I took about 20 pictures of the slow descent into the ocean. It was like watching the baby sea turtles – GO! JUST GO! YOU’LL LIKE IT, I PROMISE!

Me and My SoldierMan: A Day at the Beach

And she did! She LOVED it! I knew she would, she loves splashing in baths. The water was pleasantly lukewarm and the sand was soft. She was having so much fun she forgot to whine about her hat ;)

Me and My SoldierMan: A Day at the Beach

This was definitely a trial-run for us. We’re headed to Walmart (after her nap) to pick up legit beach supplies (we had to take hotel towels – don’t tell!), and we’ll have a better plan of action for all the next times. There will be many next times. I can’t believe we’re living here!


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