April 3, 2015

Baby G: 10 Months


  • Whoa, Nellie. You really needs to slow it down! There is no way – NO WAY – I can have a 10 month old baby girl! When did that happen????
  • I need to be better about keeping this updated throughout the month rather than just sitting down and trying to remember everything in one day. The biggest thing is how much your little personality has just EXPLODED! You feel everything in extremes, thankfully it’s usually extremely happy :)
  • Much to the consternation of random grandmas at the commissary, you have a stone-cold Stranger Face. It’s very strange to me and Daddy who are used to you being Miss Babbily-Happily all the time at home. (No, really, you talk all the time). And you even talk and laugh with me in the store. But as soon as a stranger walks up to see you – deadpan. And we’ve had some pretty great characters try and coax a reaction out of you, in the middle of Walmart, to no avail. You are not impressed.
  • The only way to get you to sit still now is to actually sit you in my lap and read you a book of your choosing. Which you actually want to do fairly often, much to Momma’s delight. But that’s pretty much it. Even getting you to sit still for this month’s picture…well, you can see how that turned out.
  • You are also itching to walk. Just dying to. Sort of. You’ll even (sometimes) take a couple-few unassisted steps (if we insist) but your confidence isn’t quite there yet. That’s okay, you’ve got time.
  • You’re learning to wave bye-bye, although that’s inconsistent. But you can give awesome High Fives and Head Bumps.
  • You are establishing a healthy coexistence with the puppies. Jeb has pretty much accepted that you will pat, pull, and crawl all over him at every opportunity. Achilles is learning to accept it. He lets you play with his tail now, and that’s a big improvement.
  • You LOVE getting your teeth brushed at bedtime. You know what Momma means when she says, “Time to brush-a teeth!” And you get excited to walk into the bathroom. Mostly you just like the taste of the toothpaste (fruity flavored, so who can blame you).
  • You’re eating more “people food” now, especially when we go out. It’s nice to be able to share some solid food with you. Even if Momma squishes your beans before you eat them, just to be safe :) You also use a straw like a pro, which is awesome. No more sippy cups!
  • And even though no one would believe me, the truth is, you picked out your own Easter dress (that you are wearing in this picture). Momma couldn’t decide at the store, so she laid out several in front of you. You studied them, felt of them, and finally grabbed onto this one and ignored the others. There we go – a decision!
  • Even though you want Momma and no one else when it’s bedtime, you have what we call “Daddy Mornings,” where you get up before Daddy leaves for work and you only want him to hold you, not Momma. It’s sweet.
  • You’ve almost got to where you address us as Dadda and Momma. You’re closest with Dadda. Momma has become “Nanna,” which I’m not a fan of. We’re working on it.
  • Momma and Daddy are loving watching you grow up, but it’s okay if you want to slow down a little (after you finish working through this tooth!)


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