April 1, 2015

Getting Fit: March

I really didn't look forward to writing this post today. You know what happens when you spend 2 solid weeks eating chocolate chip cookies, and then in the weekend before weigh-in get pizza twice and ice cream?

Nothing good, my friends.

I think we were eating our emotions. A lot. We had a lot of emotions in March. But you know that already.

However, I did find and fairly well stick with my 30 Days of Yoga plan. I'm still shooting for 3x+ a week, rather than every day, because of time and baby and such. But I did pretty good. Doubled up on several practices, too, so even though I only averaged 3x a week, I'm already through practice 21. So that's nice.

Also, met with cardiologist as part of this whole EFMP shenanigans. He gave me hope that weight loss would mean I could go off my BP meds. I was put on them originally because the cardiologistS (yes, plural) I was seeing at the time thought my condition was structural, not environmental. But, I'm going to go ahead and use that as really good motivation to stay focused. Weight loss for a reason. 

Here's to a better April!

Things that went well:
  • 30 Days of Yoga = better breath control, no more hip pain, better flexibility and looser (?) muscles
  • Can still fit into my clothes after two solid weeks+ of gluttony
Things that can go better:
  • Stay consistent with practices, even increase (5x a week would be my ideal, 3x is minimum)
  • More water
  • More sleep (Ha! Teething again)
  • Keep treats as treats. It's okay to have treats, but when they're all the time, they aren't treats, they're a diet. They need to stay treats.

How was your March?


  1. I'm the worst for drinking enough water - I always pour myself a cup and then put it down somewhere in the house and forget about it. Hope that your April is much better for you :)

  2. I think you are doing great! You will find that balance that works for you. :)


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