March 9, 2015

Getting Fit: February

getting fit[3]

February was a hit-and-miss month in a lot of ways. My parents in town for a week = little formal exercise and LOTS of eating out. Not long after they left I tweaked my back, which meant a few more days of limited activities. However, it was during that time that I discovered a series of yoga videos on youtube, and since bouncing around the living room doing cardio wasn’t appealing, they let me stay moving while also treating my pain. So that was nice.

Another reason is that my schedule has gotten really screwed up. The way it used to go: Baby G and I would get up when SoldierMan went to work, around 8:00. We’d hang out for a little while, I’d feed her breakfast, and she’d go back down for morning nap sometime between 9:00-10:00. That’s when I’d eat breakfast, do whatever online, do my Bible reading, pretty much just have my only real quiet “me time” of the day. Then she’d get up around 11:00-12:00, we’d eat lunch, play, do house stuff, and she’d go back down for a nap around 2:00. That’s when I’d work out and, if she took an extra long nap, take a shower.

Well, Baby G has decided that two naps a day are for suckers. She’s only doing that first morning nap now, and it’s really thrown off my game. Hopefully this week will bring some equilibrium. I need my routine back for this to work.

February things that went well:

  • Maintained weight.
  • Got some more sleep
  • Had fun walking around Tombstone and the mall/shopping with family
  • Yoga videos
  • I wore a pedometer one day, just for fun. It said I walked about 2.1 miles. Even allowing for a margin of error, I still think that’s pretty good/interesting.

Things that could be better:

  • More consistent intentional activity
  • Pretty much everything


  1. You are doing great, sometimes maintaining can be just as hard as losing. :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing great. I also need to drink more water.


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