March 3, 2015

Baby G: 9 Months

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G 9 Months

  • My big 9-month-old girl! Momma can barely keep up with you now that you’re really and truly crawling. Even trying to take your picture this morning, it was a race to get you to look at me before you took off! You’re trying to get away from me here – usually your posture is very good.
  • You do. not. sit. still. Unless you are strapped down, and if food isn’t involved, you are not a fan of that! You love to climb anything, even the walls! And now you can climb your way into a stand, and put yourself back down again. We had to lower your crib mattress because you were pulling yourself into a stand and trying to jump! Even if you’re still half asleep, you will pull up into a stand and holler for Momma. Your favorite spot is the bottom shelf of our living room end table. It’s just the right height for you to crawl on it and sit down.
  • You cruise along the couch so you can get to Jeb or Achilles when they’re napping. You love that. Right now you’re standing at Momma’s knee and watching me type.
  • You’ve pretty much mastered “high five,” which annoys Achilles. He doesn’t like that you’re stealing all his “tricks.”
  • When you DO sit in one place, usually with Momma or Daddy, you like to look at books. It’s only about once a day, maybe, outside of your night-night book. Otherwise you want to go-go-go! But it makes Momma and Daddy very happy that you like to look at books as well as chew on your wooden stacking circles.
  • You’re a tricksy little thing. You’ve figured out that “choking” produces extreme, immediate reactions in Momma and Daddy. When you want attention, you’ll start coughing a very fake sounding cough, until someone looks at you, and then you flash the cutest little “made you look” smile.
  • Now you’ve climbed up the hearth where we “hid” the dogs’ food bowls. That totally didn’t work.
  • We sing “I like to go to church” when getting ready on Sunday mornings, and you really do! You love your Sunday School ladies, and so little old ladies are the only strangers you’ll give the time of day to when we’re out and about. The other day an older woman walked up to us while we were waiting for tires to be changed, and when she held out her hands, you went right to her! You left her hold you and play with you for at least 5 minutes.
  • Now you’re trying to climb up the back of the couch
  • Now you’re trying to climb into your car seat…which you hate, so this is especially strange.
  • You love starting the day sitting with Daddy while he reads the morning news before he leaves for work. That’s your favorite good morning.
  • You love being tossed around – spun in circles, tossed in the air, swung in Momma’s arms back and forth. You’re a thrill seeker, for sure. In controlled situations. You still get a little too scared to climb down off your perch (about 2 inches high) sometimes.
  • You’re getting the hang of “pet,” too. You and the dogs have some fence to mend, since your first habits were to grab their fur and yank as hard as possible. But petting is coming along, thankfully.
  • You can sit in the big girl seat of grocery carts now. This makes Momma’s life much easier!
  • Your “Mommas” are few and far between, and you still haven’t really managed a “Dada.” We aren’t concerned. You obviously recognize the words we say, so it’ll come eventually.
  • You love to laugh and we love making you laugh! Whether it’s making silly faces or spinning in the living room or tickles, laughing is one of the things you’re best at.


  1. She is growing so fast and is just beautiful! :)


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