February 25, 2015

What I Would Say… Wednesday

The wheels are grinding to a halt around here, I realize. I get ideas for posts all the time, of course. But the only time I feel justified writing is when Baby G is napping, and right now I have to use that time for phone calls, exercise, bathing, eating….this new “crawling everywhere and climbing everything when Momma’s not looking” world is quite the trip.

Anyway, if I did sit down and intentionally write my desired three posts a week, I would say things like…

- I’m really enjoying my new InkWell planner. There are things about the Erin Condren that I still prefer, but overall, I think I’m a believer.

- I’m really going to miss our church here

- Baby G is literally trying to climb the walls and the dogs and everything and if I make it through this without a heart attack it will be a miracle

- SoldierMan still doesn’t have his RFO. For crying out loud.

- I can’t wait for this PCS to be over. I can’t wait for this PCS to be over. I can’t wait for this PCS to be over. And I love my dogs and they are integral members of our family and I don’t regret getting them even one iota, but oh my gosh dogs complicate OCONUS PCSing times 5000. At least veterinary stuff doesn’t require RFO/Orders to complete.

- The Oscars kinda sucked. I think we laughed twice. And delusional political statements were on steroids. Women have equal rights, Patricia Arquette. The myth of the $.77 wage gap has been debunked so many times you sound like a moron for repeating it. And all women matter, not just the ones who gave birth. And no, John Legend, no one is trying to take away the black vote. No. No no no. No. That was stupid.

- Also, I think we know what the fabricated crisis of the 2016 election is now. A couple of weeks ago, The DNC passed a platform claiming we needed a constitutional amendment protecting the right to vote. (Newsflash Democrats, we already have THREE.) Then Sunday night, Legend claims people are trying to infringe on black voting rights. You heard it here first: the dumbest presidential candidate debate question will be, “Do you think there needs to be new legal protection to protect the votes of minorities?” And without a doubt, some morons won’t have the quickness to reply, “We already have that.”

- Jeb and Achilles are adjusting to Baby G’s new mobility. Jeb has become an exclusive furniture napper because she still can’t actually climb on the couch unassisted. She can pull up on it, but then he just tucks his feet under his belly and he’s “safe.” Achilles will give her kisses if I’m holding her. If she’s free, he stays in the other room.

- I miss the classic American Girls characters. I have the first four book sets and the first couple books of Addy. I was outgrowing them by then and the concept of collecting for posterity wasn’t even on my radar. Oh, how I regret that now. According to my nieces, everything is the “Just Like Me” collection. I’m afraid to look on eBay for a Felicity doll.

- I also have some pictures to go along with a few of these topics-that-should-be-their-own-posts, but the baby is awake now. So. Yeah.


  1. I still have my Molly doll in Veronica's closet! It makes me sad to look at the catalogs of today!

  2. I am sure the pups are waiting for Baby G to stand up and chase after them. :)


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