February 16, 2015

Baby G’s Baby Dedication

Yesterday we had Baby G’s dedication at our church.Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's Dedication

8 months is kind of a long time to put it off, but when she was newborn we were PCSing and then after we moved here we had to first even find a church, then we joined, then Christmas, and finally it worked out that we could schedule it on a weekend my parents could be in town to be with us.

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's Dedication

It meant a lot that the pastor and the church wanted to do this for us. Part of the baby dedication ceremony is not only the parents publicly committing to raising the child in a manner which points the child to Christ, but also the church corporately (by acclamation) commits to supporting the family in whatever means necessary to make that happen.

Baby G was in true form. She talked and clapped and laughed throughout the entire thing. She had the charm on full-blast. When the pastor talked about the meaning of her name, he was moved to tears – his daughter, as it happens, has the same name.

It makes it a little weird to do her baby dedication knowing that we’ll be leaving in a couple of months, but the pastor knew that, and we told the church that this morning. Of course, it made no difference. They’re used to military families and our transitory lifestyle. And they want to support us just the same. I’m really going to miss this church.

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G's Dedication

I’m so thankful we finally got to have Baby G’s formal dedication. Of course, we’d still be her parents and we’d still make the same parenting choices even if we lived on a deserted island and never got the chance to have a ceremony, just like we would still be married if we only went to the courthouse and signed the certificate without having our formal wedding. But also in the same way, being able to publicly join together with the Church to commit to raising Baby G under God’s guidance is a blessing and accountability. Better late than never.


  1. Those are great pictures of y'all. And Baby G looks so happy in all of them!

    I have been to many baby dedications where there has been a lot of crying. ;)


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