February 4, 2015

Baby G: 8 Months

Me and My SoldierMan: Baby G 8 Months

  • You amaze us every day! The biggest news is that you have finally decided to start CRAWLING – really, one hand in front of the other, crawling! You still prefer low-style Army crawling, because you’re faster at it, but when highly motivated, you’ll hop up on all fours and go go go!
  • You seem to learn something new every day. In the picture you are “clap-clap-clapping” at request, which is really fun for Momma and Daddy.
  • You know so many words, to hear them: You respond to your name, which is great, you know “bite,” (as in ‘take a bite’), “drink,” “rock” (to go down for a nap”), “night-night,” “no-no,” and of course, “Jeb” and “Achilles.” :)
  • You can say Momma, usually when you need something. You babble constantly, and it’s so fun to try and figure out what you’re trying to tell us.
  • You have decided you like to be rocked to sleep again, and Momma isn’t complaining :)
  • You love to try most any food – baby food or people food. Even spicy food, you’ll take just about anything and ask for more (by leaning forward and holding your mouth open). The only things you don’t seem to like are mashed potatoes and cornbread. I don’t know how my child could NOT like mashed potatoes, but there’s always time for that later.
  • Right now the biggest thrill you get is when one of the dogs lets you pet on them, which is usually Jeb. Achilles gives you kisses, but he prefers a healthy distance between his fur and your grabby little fists! We’re teaching you to “gentle” pet the puppies, but you get so excited you tend to forget. It’ll come though.
  • Momma and Daddy are so proud of you. You are a rock star at the church nursery, you seem to play well with other babies (at least when it comes to sharing other kids’ toys), you are able to keep a good attitude until you reach the point of delirious exhaustion, and you are curious and determined when you see something new or challenging. It’s already been such a joy watching you grow. I can only imagine what is ahead for us!


  1. She is beautiful! Our littlest gets a thrill out of grabbing and petting our dog also.


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