January 9, 2015

Getting Fit: December

getting fit[3]

Oh December. Second only to November for famous eating months.

Actually, we outside of Christmas itself, we didn’t attend one Christmas party, so it wasn’t too bad. However, being home means hitting all the restaurants you miss. Which we did. Many times. And it was glorious.

It also means, well, not much physical activity. Outside of running up and down the stairs in my parents’ house to check on Baby G during her naps. There were quite a few stair sprints.

Things that went well:
- Dropped another belt notch – that’s 2 in 2 months!
- Pulled on some pre-pregnancy jeans all the way over my hips this week! Can’t button them yet, but that’s still progress!
- Even though we ate a lot more restaurant food/rich food than usual, I typically didn’t over-eat at any meal. Maybe once or twice. But generally I was good about paying attention to my hunger cues and stopping when I needed to. Here’s a secret: it made the food even better by not eating too much of it. Really. The one time I really did let myself go all-out and just eat till I was about to bust, I felt awful for 2 days.
- I drank more Coke than usual but I also was pretty good about drinking water, especially while we were at the house.
- SLEEP – Now that Baby G is a little older, she’s able to “reset” herself better at night, which means she needs me less, which means SLEEP! YAY!
- Did I mention that in the midst of all this holiday indulgence, I went down another belt notch? Well, it bears repeating ;)

Things that could go better:
- Lunch. This is partly the result of slowly recovering our fridge and pantry from an extended-vacation-purge. But I need to eat more lunches with actual nutritional value, not just something cheap and easy. I decided to forgo Bountiful Baskets this month as part of our post-Christmas $$$ recovery, and I’m glad I did because we wound up making an unexpected vet visit (they’re fine now) but there’s a definite lack of veggies in my diet as a result. Next month!
- Walking. Partly the cooler weather, partly the craziness of getting things ready to leave town, partly being out of town for half the month, my stroller walks fizzled out. Unfortunately it looks like I won’t get to take it back up any time soon because airport baggage handlers broke one of the wheels off. >:( We even gate-checked the stroller for every flight, but oh well. I might give it a try with only 3 wheels, but really I just need to do something here inside the house, I guess. Can’t wait till it gets fixed!
- Frankly I think if I can get these things under control and back into good habits, it will make a good foundation to go forward.

How are your goals going in this New Year?


  1. I realized for me that portion control was the biggest aspect of my weight loss. I came to the conclusion that I needed to eat until I was satisfied and not until I was full, that made a huge difference. :)

  2. Holy cow, how do you LOSE weight during the holidays?!?! Best of luck on the rest of your journey to get fit!!


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