January 7, 2015

Baby G: 7 Months


  • How you’ve changed in just one short month! You have not only 1, but 2 teeth! You can get up on all fours and rock like a pro. You even wiggle your knees forward a little. Still working on those hands! But you still prefer to “walk” while holding onto our fingers – and by “walk,” I mean run as fast as your little feet will take you! I don’t have to worry about losing the pregnancy weight – once you finally get going, I’ll never sit down again!
  • You are so fascinating! You actually try to figure things out and teach yourself how new toys work. You want to say words and work on moving your lips and tongue to enunciate. It’s so entertaining! And now that you can search for and find your paci at night (mostly) without any help from Momma, I’m getting a lot more sleep!
  • You’ve been saying “hi” for a while, and even sometimes when it would actually be situationally appropriate :) But today you really did it. I sat down near you and heard “Eye! Haaa-eye! Haaa-eye!” until I responded with “Hi!” And you smiled and made your happy noise. :) It was pretty awesome.
  • You recognize plenty of words, and you can let us know what you want pretty well, too. You rub your eyes when you want to take a nap, you even walked to your crib once! You lift your elbows when you want to be picked up.
  • We went home to Oklahoma for Christmas, and that involved your first plane rides. As usual, all of Momma’s pre-travel worries were needless – you were a champ! You loved the plane and especially loved looking out the window as we landed, so you could see all the city lights! You barely cried, only the very last leg when we got in around midnight and you were over-tired. But we were all feeling a little whiney, that late.
  • Your first Christmas was very special, of course. You got loved on by grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, great-aunts, cousins, second cousins, and on and on. You learned how to unpack gift bags (still working on unwrapping presents). You loved looking at the Christmas decorations. Momma still feels a little guilty that we didn’t take you to look at Christmas lights somewhere. (But I think the plane ride made up for some of that!)
  • You wore out your Granddaddy, running him around that big house! But all you had to do was look or sound the slightest bit bored and he jumped up to help you walk. You had so much fun together! Your favorite present was definitely from Aunt Meredith – a little Minnie Mouse toy. You squealed and squealed when you opened it! And you loved it when Uncle Christopher played his guitar for you.
  • You’ve even got hair now! Well, not much, obviously, but enough that we can see that it’s definitely brunette. In some light.
  • You still love playing with Daddy and save your biggest, loudest giggles for him. But he does the same for you, so it works ;) You also like to sit on his lap while he plays computer games. I guess it’s just another TV to you, but with the added bonus of cuddle time.
  • You eat lots of baby food now. Even the more chunky kind. And you do it like a pro – letting Momma or Daddy feed you, and not making very much of a mess. We even let you wear clothes under your bib now ;) You still aren’t allowed to share your food with the puppies, even though you all really want to.
  • We were in Oklahoma for nearly 2 weeks. It took a few days but eventually you adjusted to your new surroundings. When we came back home, it was in the middle of the night and you were asleep. The next day, when you woke up during the day with the lights on, you looked around and saw your own room with your own crib and pictures and toys, and grinned and cooed until I made you leave to eat. You were so happy to be back home!


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