January 23, 2015

Awesome Mommy Moments

I'm sending this from my phone, so I don't know how it'll turn out. But, I wanted to get this out while it was on my mind. And no, that title isn't sarcastic.

I was thinking about it the other day and we do have our share of what I call Awesome Mommy Moments. Most significantly, probably, was Baby G saying "Momma" for the first time yesterday, and actually using it in reference to me. The luster faded a little when I realized she essentially means, "I want something!" (But isn't it basically the same thing anyway?)

Other awesome moments:

-when she lays on her back, on my lap, and babbles. And babbles. And babbles. I love it. I'm recording as much of her little voice as I can, since it changes so much, even for girls.

-she likes me to rock her to sleep now, even for naps. I was surprised at how much I missed that. Plus, I carry her into her room upright, swing her blankie around her like a cape, and as soon as the blankie hits her back, her head hits (literally collapses) on my shoulder and she opens her mouth for her paci. It is the sweetest thing. Well, except in the middle of the night. That's getting old. Sorta.

-Speaking of night, the other night I had put her back in bed and put myself back in bed, and picked up the baby monitor to watch her for a bit. (Best purchase ever, btw.) Maybe I've mentioned it before, but she does this thing when she's falling asleep, she lays up on the crib wall and gently scratches her head until she falls asleep. I was watching it again and thinking how cute it was...and then realized I was doing the same thing! I almost always do! And the awesome thing is, this is something she wouldn't have learned from observing me. Here is a spontaneous, organic, behavioral similarity we share. It's pretty thrilling.

- Speaking of sleep (because right now the most awesome stuff involves sleep) adding a nightlight to her room has changed our lives. Now, unless something is really wrong (a tummy ache the other night) or she's done something really outstanding with the paci in her sleep (sometimes she sticks it through the bars by accident) she can wake up in the night, scoot to where it is, put it back in her mouth, and go back to sleep without disturbing me much, if at all. It feels like she's newborn again; I haven't had this much sleep in months! And I won't lie, I'm pretty proud of her. As much as I know my craziest days are ahead, seeing her gradually develop mobility has been so exciting. New milestones are way more fun than I expected :)

I know there are others, but this is what's on my mind at the moment. Also, oh my goodness, life is good. It's not perfect. It's not easy. But it's oh so good. Playing with her and making her laugh and rocking her to sleep is my life now and who knew it could be so amazing. As much as I couldn't wait to be a mommy, I literally had no idea how much I would love it, warts and all. (figuratively speaking - she doesn't have warts)


  1. Awweee! So sweet! I have some of the same favorites!We're currently at my favorite stage too. Really, anything up until 18 months was great for me. And then the terrible two's hit. But it's also so much fun when they can speak.

  2. Sweet moments!
    I pretty much do all of my (rare) blogging on my phone these days. Only way to go!


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