December 10, 2014

Getting Fit: November

Me and My SoldierMan: Getting Fit

This got bumped a week, and I almost didn’t do it at all, but that would be avoiding accountability. So, here we are.

November things that went well:

  • We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with lots of good food. For 2 of us. Baby G tried some people food and was not a fan.
  • I decided to start taking neighborhood walks with Baby G. I needed to do something different, and a half an hour or so away from the house and computer and dogs and stuff is good for my holistic health, even aside from the exercise. (No, we don’t take the dogs. I do not feel up to wrangling a stroller and 2 large, curious, excited dogs solo.)
  • I’ve been drinking more water
  • I’ve tried to avoid eating every time I leave the house. Having food someone else makes is like a treat, so it’s too easy to justify driving through some place, even for something little, because it just feels good.
  • So far, we’ve avoided any seasonal illness (*knock on wood*)

November things that could have gone better:

  • SLEEP. Stretches of more than 2 hours are still the exception, not the norm. But we’re getting better.
  • Too much coffee. Yes, you read that right. I know, I know, coffee is awesome, but there’s also too much of a good thing. Especially if you already have high blood pressure. And the body knows the difference between caffeine and actual rest.
  • I’m trying to take the neighborhood walks, but it isn’t every day. When we also have errands to run, I feel bad keeping her strapped in her car seat any longer than absolutely necessary (I don’t think any adults would like to be left in a 5-point harness for an extra half an hour a day, just for the heck of it, either).
  • I said I was working on not snacking out of the house. This goes in both categories.
  • Had an appt with a cardiologist here. It was unsatisfying. There are some things I want to address but I think I’m just going to wait until we PCS in a few months. I miss my cardiologist at Ft. Bliss.

I didn’t do measurements this month. I had a Dr’s Appt at the beginning of the month and my weight is exactly what it was back in October. I count that as both a good thing (maintaining) and also an area for improvement.

Goals for December:

  • Drink 3 tumblers of water a day
  • Get Baby G sleeping more consistently at night, considering travel
  • Walk as much as possible, considering travel
  • Stop comparing myself to every other woman I see pushing a stroller. Not good for my mental health

Are you tracking for your goals? I know the thing right now is to look at New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m just looking at finishing this year intentionally.


  1. When we were at Huachuca I always went out for walks. I always loved how quiet it was.

    1. It IS so quiet here! I hadn't really thought about it until you mentioned it. The best part is we usually have the neighborhood to ourselves, too, and maybe the USPS lady.

  2. I'm also drinking more water and going on walks. I got a FitBit so it helps track what I'm doing.

    1. I want a FitBit, or at least a pedometer. I think it'll help motivate me on days like today, when other stuff means we missed our typical walking window and I feel like just saying, "Screw it" :p


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