December 3, 2014

Dear Baby G: 6 Months!!


  • At church on Sunday, an older fellow told us not to blink, because you’d already be grown. That sure seems to be the case already!
  • You have so much personality! You love to laugh and smile and charm everyone you meet! You’ve yet to meet a stranger.
  • You want to GO GO GO nearly all the time, but you aren’t really interested in learning to crawl. You only really get up on all fours if we put you there. But, if you want to go somewhere badly enough, you’ll hold our fingers and try to walk there! I think you’ve done as many as 8 steps this way!
  • One of my favorite things we do is when you are ready to get up from a nap, I stand at the door and call your name. You’ll get really still and sort of hold your breath until I make it to the crib, and then when you see me you smile and “jump” (on your back). It’s the funnest thing!
  • You do respond to your name really well, and generally I think you can differentiate between Momma and Daddy. By name, I mean. You surely know the difference when you want to play (Daddy) and when you want to go to bed (Momma).
  • Also part of your “wake up” routine: looking for the puppies to say Good Morning, even from a nap. You get so excited when they come into eyesight!
  • You are quickly becoming a Daddy’s Girl. When we picked you up from the church nursery the other day, you were happy to see Momma, sure, but as soon as you saw Daddy you started flapping your arms and lunging his direction. It’s the most adorable thing.
  • You also love the nursery, which relieves Momma, since church is right in the middle of your nap and we eventually conceded that you wouldn’t be able to sleep during the regular service. But you do love those sweet little old ladies and they LOVE you.
  • You give kisses now and it’s so cute. You will put your hand (or hands) on my face and pull it to your open mouth, and usually lick me. Or Daddy. Mostly Daddy.
  • Momma knows where your ticklish spots are now, so that has made diaper changes more fun!
  • You basically feed yourself now, which is AWESOME! As long as you can semi-recline, you own that bottle. Mommy still holds you sometimes, though. :)
  • We gave you a plate of real food at Thanksgiving. You weren’t really interested, even though we tried to “show” you that you could play with the mashed potatoes. I think that just weirded you out, though. You still wanted the food on Momma’s fork, so we pulled out one of your colorful spoons and tried giving you food that way. It’s made you more willing to try food, but you haven’t enjoyed anything yet. You still prefer bottles :)
  • The other day, Momma was working on our Christmas card pictures, and you saw Momma and Daddy’s faces on the computer and SQUEEEEEEED! You talked to the faces very excitedly for several minutes! We loved that you recognized us even from a picture
  • You took the BEST Christmas card pictures, too! I can’t wait to show them to everyone…at some point ;)


  1. She is a cutie and growing so fast!

  2. What a sweetheart! That is good she likes the nursery. Very good thing :)


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