November 5, 2014

Getting Fit: October Recap

getting fit[3]

She’s baaaaaaaaaack. Curiously, she doesn’t yet seem to have acquired a PhD, developed the cure for cancer, written the Great American Novel, or become CEO of a publicly traded company. C’mon Maria, we’re all waiting –

There, now that’s out of my system. (mostly)

So, I’m going to do this monthly because I need the accountability. One of the things I realized over the last month is that I need accountability. And lots and lots of (genuine) encouragement. hint: “You should go to the gym” is not encouragement.

Things that went well:
- I went to the doctor and got a good report, also accidentally found out I’m within 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight.
- Was more consistent with exercise
- Eating a larger proportion of fresh fruits and veggies

Things that could have gone better:
- SLEEP. I know part of it is Baby G teething, but sleeping the last few weeks has been….a challenge. Case in point: last night, she woke up for the paci at her usual intervals, and took it and went right back to sleep (mostly). But in between, Jeb was sick with something. So basically I didn’t sleep from 2:00-5:00, and after 5:00 only sporadically, until SoldierMan got home from PT around 7:15. And this wasn’t an unusual night. I know how important sleep is to general well-being, both physically and neurologically, but I’m trying not to stress out about it, I know many parents have walked this road before me and been fine.
- I did not join the gym. This is partly because I had forgotten how much I hate exercising in public. (Introvert) But also because, the one time I took Baby G to try out their childcare, I only left her for 20ish minutes, but she was so traumatized by the experience it took me an equal amount of time (plus feeding) to calm her down afterward. Mostly I think it was because she was left to cry in a pack and play for who knows how long. We don’t do that. So, I’m doing my old cardio videos here at the house.
- And that’s only middling. I’ve had good weeks and bad weeks. This week is still up in the air.
- Today was supposed to be a measurements day. But that didn’t happen, which is fine. I’m making it fine.

So, that’s where I’m at. I bought some new jeans that actually fit so I can keep my focus on healthy habits rather than getting stressed about clothes. And while not all of my habits are totally healthy, I’m making progress.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.


  1. Ugh on the gym childcare - I've never had a good experience with it, ever, but I'm sure it depends on the place. The base gym here has a room where kids can play while mom is on the treadmill or elliptical. But after my second baby, I didn't have a chance to go to the gym. I did Turbofire at home along with basic body weight moves for strength training and I started running with baby in the BOB. I lost a ton of weight. You don't need a gym to get fit. :) And good on you for what you're doing. I have jeans in nearly every size so I always have something that fits... though right now I'm living in dresses and maxi skirts, because jeans aren't within my office dress code and work pants are expensive :(


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