November 3, 2014

Dear Baby G

Me and My SoldierMan Dear Baby G 5 Months

  • 5 months old! Already! I can hardly believe it!
  • You are so much fun nowadays. You love to laugh and giggle. You love it when I hold you over my head to “fly,” and when I twist you left and right for “kisses,” and when you get really excited, you try and give me kisses back. It’s the sweetest, slobberiest thing ever.
  • You still love your puppies. Whenever Achilles comes within view you give him big silly smiles.
  • You’re now seriously cutting a tooth, poor thing. Generally you have your normal great attitude, but night time has been rough.
  • You’re almost sitting up all on your own now. I think part of it is confidence. If I sit on the floor with you, you will sit and watch TV pretty well. You are also dying to walk! You can put one foot in front of the other, a few times, while we hold your hands. If we try and encourage you to crawl or even scoot, you get angry. I have a feeling you’ll be running around here before we know it!
  • You. Talk. All. The. Time. And lots of enunciating. You’ve got the “duh,” nuh,” “ghee” and “yuh” sounds really well. We’re still working on “muh” and “ooo.” But you use them almost constantly while you’re awake. And even some in your sleep. :)
  • You’re so big now. When I hold you to rock you, you can put your arms around my neck (not necessarily on purpose) and still sit on my lap. How did that happen??? You’re also so big that, unless the teething makes you really uncomfortable, you don’t need to be rocked to sleep anymore. You just want to be laid in your crib when you get sleepy. I know this is what’s supposed to happen, and it *is* nice to have that extra 30 minutes of grown up conversation with Daddy, but Momma is still willing to rock you whenever you want.
  • You are very interested in Mommy and Daddy’s food! You won’t even hold your own bottle, but if I let my fork glide anywhere near your face you lunge for it! Sorry, baby girl, you have to wait a little longer for human food!
  • You smile at strangers who smile at you, if they are patient enough to let you give them a good looking-over first. And of course, your eyes charm over everyone :)


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