October 31, 2014

Life Lately, in pictures

Cell phone pictures, at that.


Baby G turned 4 months in October. Of course, in a few days she’ll be 5 months. So I’m a little behind. I wish I had kept up with those “month by month” posts. I know I’ll regret that one day. #momguilt

Jeb and Achilles are their same old crazy selves. They love having a Baby G around. Even Jeb.



They’re still learning how to love her, though:


It’s a work in progress. Speaking of progress:


She sits! Well, not totally yet. She can sit on her own for a second. It’s mostly a balance thing. If she’s between my legs on the floor, with something to put her hands on, she has the confidence to stay up for a while. Also teething has hit full-force, so to give Momma…I mean Baby G…some relief, I got one of those amber resin necklaces yesterday


Now, I’m not saying it’s magic, but I got to actually enter REM sleep last night.

I turned 30 yesterday. There’s no post. But in honor of the occasion, I got my hair done.



It’s hard to tell but it’s a brown-to-red ombre. It looks pretty awesome.

There were other birthday goodies as well. A basket of chocolate and salty snacks from my parents, and a Doctor Who themed present from my sister.


Baby G and SoldierMan gave me a gift certificate to a spa here. Or, as I like to think of it, a day off. Which was exactly what I was wishing for for my birthday. So that was awesome.

SoldierMan and I went out on our own to a very grown-up restaurant. One I wore a dress to and felt totally in-place. We haven’t eaten anywhere with folded cloth napkins that wasn’t a military ball in….maybe years. So that was nice.


I ended the day with some sweet baby snuggles, and of course, a real night of sleep.


And this is what I’m looking at right now. So, overall, life is good.

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