October 1, 2014

Getting Fit: Day 1

getting fit[3]

Hey, remember that old blast-from-the-past graphic? It’s been a while.

Today I officially kick off Project Recovery.

The last year has been quite the rollercoaster for my body. About this time last year we were in the gym daily. I had decent cardiovascular health (you know, “considering”). I was able to do a full unassisted pullup (and 3x5 assisted). I even wore actual “workout clothes” in public.

Then I got pregnant, and my body was occupied, in every sense of the word, with another human person’s well-being. Didn’t go to the gym. Didn’t skip a chance for cake. Don’t regret a single thing.

Then Baby G is born and fuhggeduhboutit, I’m not going to the stinking gym. I’ve got a newborn to tend to, hours of sleep to catch up on, and oh yeah, a whole house to move.

Now we’re here, Baby G is turning 4 months old, and it’s time to start recovering from the last 12ish months. I went to the gym on Monday and it was brutal. Seriously embarrassing how far I regressed.

For the newbs around here, I’m going to recap my personal health and wellness philosophies. So we’re all on the same page.

, I don’t weigh myself. I weighed while I was pregnant, but not any other time. Weight isn’t a goal for me, it’s a symptom, a side-effect of habits and lifestyle.
, Everything in moderation. I eat to support my goals – which means protein and vegetables, for sure – but I also eat what I can, when I can, and sometimes that’s a fast bowl of ramen during a 45 minute Baby G catnap. And I don’t cut out foods I enjoy. I don’t eat cookies for breakfast. But if I want some hot chocolate or some ice cream or some popcorn, I eat it. And I always eat the cake. That’s a given.
, Exercise should be enjoyable and efficient. I’m not going for glamour muscle definition (there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not my goal) I’m just wanting to improve my health. So I do the exercises I enjoy that support that goal. If I don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t support my goal, I don’t do it. Simple as that.
, Sleep is important. It’s also not my strongest point right now. But ya need sleep.

So, yeah, that’s where I’m coming from. I just used the chili peppers because I thought they were cute.

So, HSAT, what are my goals for the next 90 days?

  1. Do a full unassisted pullup.
  2. Be able to wear a pair of jeans I already own, no rubber band, no overly-baggy t-shirt.
  3. Deadlift 70 lbs

So, how am I going to achieve these goals?

*Get checked out by my doctor. I need a good eval because I haven’t been since since Baby G was born.

*Measure myself every week, to track progress. I prefer measurements because, unlike weight and the BMI scale, there’s a pretty hard-and-fast standard for a healthy waistline. Also, women’s weight can fluctuate as much as 5 lbs a day due to hormones and water weight. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

*Go to the gym 3 times a week, minimum. Three days of resistance training a week (upper body press, upper body pull, lower body press, lower body pull) is perfectly suitable for my goals. Doing 20-30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week is a minimum, ideally as high as 5. I don’t like going to the gym every day, but I can always do stuff here.

*SLEEP. Get as much sleep as possible. Bodies need sleep.

*EAT THE FOOD. I’ve already used health-calc to establish how many calories I need to maintain a healthy weight at a realistic level of activity. (Hint: it’s more than 1200 a day) Having a pretty new grill will help with this. I love grilled food. I also love fried food. But thankfully, I also love grilled food.

*Take my meds. Before I got pregnant, they put me on different blood pressure meds that would be safe for the baby. My BP was only okay. While I was pregnant, it was ideal. Now we’re back to “could be better.” So I can improve my numbers somewhat by losing belly fat.

So, yeah, there you have it. A good outline of my plan for the next 90 days. That puts us right at the New Year. And don’t worry, this won’t turn into a weekly feature by any means. But I’m going to weigh and take pictures for myself. And I’ll probably do a little check-in here at the beginning of every month, just for accountability.

So that’s the story. And I’m ready. I’m ready to have more than a few clothes that fit. I’m ready to not hesitate to pick something up. I’m ready to see and feel steady good numbers when I go to the doctor.

And I’m excited! Anyone else looking to get trimmer for those Christmas Card pictures?


  1. I went back to the gym for the first time in about a year and a half last night.

    It. Was. AWFUL. My arms hurt so bad today, and I was totally embarassed. Thankfully my other half is nice and didn't laugh at me TOO much, and just gave me encouragement and helped me. He's pretty good like that.

    I can't wait to feel comfortable again in my old broken in jeans.

  2. I have fallen off of the fitness wagon the last year and I really need to get back on it. I just don't feel as good (health-wise) as I did this time last year. So, my goal is just to move 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. It is finally starting to cool down a little bit here, so I do not have the heat/humidity combo to use as an excuse anymore. ;)

  3. I feel like I could have written parts of this. I was good with working out while pregnant, until I puked one day after the gym due to morning sickness. I never went back. I just started working out Monday, but I'm having to do at home workouts since my schedule (and budget) doesn't allow me to go to the gym these days. It was killer, but I know it's a step in the right direction. Best of luck in your fitness quest! I'm positive you'll have some great results!

  4. It's hard to get back into a routine but I know you can do it! :)

  5. So glad I'm not alone... I didn't work out a single bit while I was pregnant with Millie. {I did with C, but not regularly...and only after morning sickness passed.} And then with all the JUNK I went through after she was born, I never got into any kind of workout regimen. It's been well over a year, and I know I need to get back to it. It's HARD. I'm taking it slow and starting out with some yoga because I enjoy it, and it still isn't easy! I'm working my way up to the harder things. I also don't want to be crazy restrictive in my eating. I do need to be better with portions and how I snack, but I just don't feel like depriving myself of certain things will do me any good. In fact, it's done the complete opposite in the past.

    Anyway! I'm with ya! :)


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