August 1, 2014

Dear Baby G


  • You’re 8 weeks old! And yet, not 2 months?? I’m not sure how all that works, but apparently those are the rules.
  • I think you gave us your first real smile this week. Not just sleepy from, am actual happy smile. Daddy had been playing with you while Mommy was making your bottle, and you looked up at him and stared and smiled.
  • You're still figuring out the whole thumb-sucking thing. If I help you orientate, you'll do it. But then you poke yourself in the eye with your other fingers. And you don't like that. You compromise by sucking your ring and pinky fingers. But then you don't really know what to do with the other two fingers and thumb. So you're working on that
  • Last night, you made your Momma’s heart explode. We were having a time trying to get you down for bed, and Daddy sat you down between us in our bed, which you usually like. This time, though, you stayed fussy, and kept twisting and reaching for Momma. So I held you, and sure enough, you were out like a light. It’s nice to be wanted for something other than food!
  • We’ve started an “Outgrown” clothes box now. It seemed like this day would never come! I know in the future I’ll be sentimental and weepy about this sort of thing, but right now it’s exciting. Proof you’re a healthy, growing girl. I say, it’s like a potted plant. For weeks you aren’t totally sure you’re doing the right things, then suddenly – a bloom!
  • Your pink polka dot pajamas are almost for the Outgrown box. They’re Mommy and Daddy’s favorites, so to memorialize them, we had a little photoshoot. That’s a little silly, but you look so cute in them!


  1. 8 weeks already?! I feel like you were just announcing that she was born!

  2. It seems like time if flying by! Such a precious little girl. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! So sweet! I'm so excited for all of these things with my littlest one, but sad that she's growing!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is so confused by this eight weeks old, but not two months thing. :)

    Baby G is adorable! Love the photoshoot with the polka dots.


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