June 20, 2014

Life with Baby G

I’m not sure, this may take over the “Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts” installments here on the blog. I really do need a place where I can jot down the little day-to-day things to revisit at some point. Without turning the blog and/or twitter into solely a running commentary on Baby G minutiae :)

  • We’ve been home almost 2 weeks now and so far it’s been awesome. Especially since SoldierMan was able to use some leave to stay with us longer than the regular 2 week paternity leave. He had been saving up his regular leave to stay home with us as long as possible. It’s been really wonderful having all of us here and I am NOT looking forward to him going back to work on Monday. It’s not just because he’s been totally pampering me and Baby G since she was born. It’s not even because he’s taken over most all the household chores (and doing them better than I ever did, our house never looked so good). But it’s been nice to remember just how fun it is to just be together. Even at 0400 when she will not go back to sleep and all I can think to do is just let her sleep on my chest because at the very least then we can all sleep for another couple of hours. Anyway. I really do just love having him here. I’m going to miss him on Monday.
  • Achilles has apparently decided we no longer need round-the-clock oversight while taking care of Baby G. He’s only just started taking naps in his usual spot in the office. He still doesn’t like to let her out of his sight when she’s awake. But it seems we’ve proven that we won’t lose/hurt her if he leaves us alone for a few minutes. Pretty sure that if he had the ability to call CPS on us, he would have a few times there. That changing table must be some kind of medieval torture device, the way she screams on it!
  • Post-partum hormones are WAY more intense than pregnancy hormones. Or maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Generally I’m great, but I do spiral much more quickly than I used to. Like, it starts with thinking about how much I’m going to miss SoldierMan when he goes back to work, then how much he’ll miss on a daily basis now, then ohmygosh we’ll have to do another deployment one day, and she’ll be a completely different kid when he comes back, and that’s so unfair to both of them…I need to stop now. It’s getting intense over here.
    Also, I have come to the brink of tears twice over disappointing pizza and once over an unsatisfactory Sonic drink run. Most of my emotional turmoil has revolved around food, actually. There’s probably a message in there somewhere.
  • Otherwise, life is pretty darn great here in the SoldierMan household. Baby G is back up to her birth weightand the jaundice is gone, which is a huge relief. The mommy guilt hit me hard during all of that. And for a person who spends 90% of their time sleeping, she’s really very entertaining. I still haven’t quite gotten the courage to put her in the papoose yet, I feel like she needs to be just a little bulkier. But that’s okay, I like holding her. And she loves her swing, too.
  • Like I say, she’s very entertaining. These are probably things every newborn does and I‘ve just never noticed before. She does this thing when she’s eating, when we are taking a burp break, I’ll hold her back and up, and when she realizes the source of food has been taken away, she starts looking around and smacking her lips and tongue, “I wasn’t finished!” It’s SO cute!
    And when we try and burp her, on some level I think she realizes what’s going on, but of course, she can’t control it or prompt it herself. So she “tries” to burp by giving long, slightly strained groans whenever I pat her back. If I stop, she stops. If I start again, so does she. Hilarious.
  • One of the cutest things from the beginning is the way she looks around. She was always really alert, looking around and taking everything in. But the first time  they handed her to SoldierMan, she zeroed in on him and just stared. Too adorable. And she does seem to recognize when he’s speaking from one side of the room or another. I love it.
  • This week we finally gave her her first real bath in the tub.
    It went about like you’d expect, which is loud and slippery :) But, she got clean and pretty-smelling. And I got to use the cute rubber ducky bath stuff I’ve been collecting :)
  • Oh, another one of the adorable things she does that I love, is the way she emotes through her hands. Hungry hands (fists under her chin/clutching her collar), sleepy hands (loose at her side), and content hands, where they are folded over her chest, sometimes even with her fingers interwoven. Today I caught her like this:
    I did not pose her, she just fell asleep like that. I die.

And if you made it through all of that, you’re either bored, struck with baby fever, or a very good friend. :)


  1. I'm attesting to all three for why I stuck through it. ;) Your little family has turned adorable.

  2. I'm not bored, no fever. But I could read about the three of y'all every single day. If you didn't know me, it may be stalker-ish. I seriously can't get enough.
    Sorry about the crazy hormone stuff. It's true. It'll kind of taper off, but basically motherhood just turns you into a emotional loon :)

  3. Awe :) So nice to hear that your husband got to be with you during this time. It is such a special time as you guys just became parents too. What a cute baby :)

  4. Awww! I'm so happy to hear things are going great at home with the baby!

  5. Oh the cuteness!!! She is so beautiful!

  6. I wish Blogger had a like button... I could read this kind of thing, all day long. Not that I wouldn't like to meet y'all and not just be a blogger friend... :) But you share the fun details about raising babies (and dogs) that I always want to hear, filling in some of the details that other people forget. Or maybe I just like the way you write. Any which way, I'm loving hearing about you and your little family of 5 (Do Achilles and Jeb rank as older brothers or just serious canine guardians?).

  7. I'm so glad things are going well!

  8. Totally made it through all that. ;) I completely concur about the post-partum hormones. They messed with me like crazy! I'm still trying to recover, and our youngest is 5 months old!


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