May 13, 2014

Mother’s Day in the ER

I have a friend who says, “It’s not a holiday without a trip to the ER.” I always attributed that to her having 3 boys :) But I was certainly channeling her Sunday.

I need to back up. Saturday night, SoldierMan and I came home from a movie to see a little Husky wandering down our street. She was literally right in front of our house. After a minute of coaxing, she came right to us and rolled on her back for belly rubs. She didn’t have a collar, and she was pretty grimey. But she was obviously used to people and once she realized we were friendly, she scampered after SoldierMan into our garage with a big Husky smile.

It was really late, so our only options were to take her straight to Animal Control, let her go on her own, or keep her and take her to the Human Society in the morning. After introducing her to our dogs and everyone getting along, we decided to keep her overnight.

It was a short night, since of course the boys wanted to play with their new friend as soon as the sun came up. And, it was Mother’s Day. SoldierMan very sweetly brought me breakfast in bed (Sonic, complete with a strawberry limeade!!), flowers, and a very cute card :)

Anyway, after we ate, we went in the backyard to let the dogs play. And the huskies got a little feisty. One thing leads to another and next thing I know, my leg got in the way.

My first dog bite in over 20 years.

The humans went inside and SoldierMan gave me a quick clean up (yay Army for teaching him field first aid). Meanwhile, the three dogs were sitting outside the patio door trying to figure out what was going on inside, totally chill.

The biggest thing was, of course, what to do with her now. We were both convinced the whole thing was a pure accident. If she was a biter, she would have bitten us when we first approached her and laid hands on her. Or, when we tried to give her a bath, which she REALLY didn’t like. But she never snapped. And stayed very friendly the entire time. Basically I was in the middle of some roughhousing when I shouldn’t have been. So, it’s at least partially my fault.

We finally decided that, being pregnant, I should probably go ahead and get officially checked out by professionals. Also, by that point the Humane Society had opened. So, we decided that I would go to the ER alone (I could drive just fine with my right leg) and SoldierMan would take the little girl to the Humane Society. If we had sensed any real danger or aggression in her, things would have gone differently. But it was a pure accident. We had no doubt about that.

**by the way, yes, I know dog bites aren’t considered “emergencies,” but even on a Sunday, I didn’t want to deal with the rigmarole of getting Tricare to approve a trip to an Urgent Care center. And the ER I called said they had no one there, so I didn’t feel like I was going to keep someone with a genuine emergency from being seen.

So we brought her inside, and she pranced around for SoldierMan to put the leash on her to take her to the car. I can’t lie, I already miss her a bit.

Through all of this, we’d contacted a couple of random people in the neighborhood we knew were missing huskies, but came up empty. So we did try to find her people before we gave her away. FTR.

Anyway, of course, I have to tell them it’s a dog bite, and they have to report it. Which they do. But since we knew where the dog was, and HS had been informed (they quarantine the dog for 10 days to monitor her in such cases) they just filled out the paperwork and told us we could leave.

So we went home (by this point SoldierMan had joined me) and I got another Mother’s Day present – a big Sunday FAMILY nap :) All four of us were asleep on the couch (and those dogs take up a lot of room, let me tell you) when the doorbell rang.

Animal Control. Fantastic.

We made our case that the bite was an accident and we’d rather the whole thing get dropped. Of course, he didn’t really want to hear that. He actually called me later in the day and wanted me to press charges against the owner. Who had been found. Through facebook.

Oh, and thankfully, since Animal Control came in the middle of a nap, the puppies were totally chill. Like, they basically didn’t even care about him and went back to sleep. Because if there was ever one day where I needed my boys to be perfect little angels, this was it! :)

Wow, this is getting really long. So, yeah, I spent Mother’s Day in the ER, have a big nasty bruise on my leg (which I’m not posting a picture of because, why?) and little husky girl (who SoldierMan named Kristy) is at HS waiting for her quarantine to pass so she can go home with her people.

And that was my inaugural Mother’s Day.

I should have taken a picture.

(I realized after this posted that the title is a little alarming for a pregnant woman to post. Sorry if I gave anyone any palpitations.)


  1. What an eventful day! You'll definitely remember your first Mother's Day ;-)

  2. Definitely a memorable one!

  3. Wow! Such excitement for your first Mother's Day! Praying all future ones aren't so dramatic! Glad Ms. Kristy will be returned to her family soon too.

  4. Glad it was nothing serious, but definitely better safe than sorry in this case.

  5. And once you have kids, it'll just get crazier. ;)
    Glad you weren't hurt worse!

  6. Um, you totally DID give me palpitations!!! I'm happy to hear that all is well, aside from your bruise, though. Don't do that to me again! ;)


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